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10 Useful Tips That Will Help You Save Money Before Your Next Trip

10 Useful Tips That Will Help You Save Money Before Your Next Trip

You planned the trip of your dreams and you realize you haven’t economized enough. Well, here 10 useful tips that will help you save money before traveling!

You planned the trip of your dreams. Only a few months separate you from the start but you just realized you haven’t economized enough. Well, here 10 useful tips that will help you save money before traveling!

1. Keep track of expenses

First of all, monitoring where your money goes every day can enable you to notice any unnecessary purchases you are making. Eliminating these extra purchases from your daily life can literally help you save money for the future. You can download many different apps that can help you in doing it: Trail Wallet, Acorns, Wally, Mint, Moneon, Live Expenses.

2. Set a budget

Through these apps, you can also set the budget you want to reach before your trip. When you are trying to reach a certain goal, nothing is more effective than taking on verifiable commitments.


3. Set aside all the 5 bucks notes

Finance experts believe that when you pay cash and you receive 5 bucks note change, you should put it aside. Whether you keep them all in a jar or pour them into your savings account, If you put aside 5 bucks notes for at least six months you will be surprised by the amount of money you can save! In general, It is useful to plan to automatically save a certain weekly amount in a rigorous way, even just 10 or 20 dollars a week. These small amounts will quickly accumulate over time! 

4. Share expenses with your friends

A good example is online purchases. Before purchasing online the best camera you have ever seen you definitely want for your trip, ask first your friends if they also need something. Like this, you can make only one big purchase and share the shipping fees.

5. Eat before going to the Supermarket and plan your shopping

Are you aware of that moment when you are super hungry and you enter the supermarket? Or those nights when after work you just want chocolate and ice cream and you order on Uber Eats? Well, these are the moments that make you spend more on spending. This advice is now trivial but always a must! go shopping after eating. In fact, it is demonstrated that when you are satiated, you tend to buy only what is written on the shopping list, without adding other useless products. Speaking of shopping list..always decide what you will eat in advance. Carefully planning your grocery shopping can save you hundreds of euros a year. Moreover, take care of the prices per kilo and per grams. In this way, it will be easier to make comparisons and choose the most convenient product, without being influenced by its size!!


6. Calculate your purchases according to your worked hours 

If you are working to save money for your trip… well, take the amount of the items you are thinking of buying and compare them to your hourly or daily wage. If you are talking about a pair of 50 bucks jeans and you earn 10 euro an hour, ask yourself if those jeans are worth five long hours of work. Sometimes they are, sometimes not! 

7. Avoid everyday coffee at the bar

Are you a coffee addict? Coffee is actually not the most expensive thing you buy during the day but… did you know? Supposing that you go to work 5 days per weeks, and you have a 3 dollars coffee each working day, you spend 60 dollars in coffee each month! Having breakfast at home brings an average monthly saving of around 60 dollars thanks to DIY coffee! Buy coffee-pot and bulk coffee and a make it at home by yourself!

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8. Beauty DIY

Not excuses. On Pinterest and Instagram, it is full of DIY hacks and tips and most of them concern beauty. Cosmetics, toothpaste, soaps, masks, hair care products are so expensive! You can save a lot trying to make everything homemade. It is very fun and you will not protect your wallet only but also our planet!

9. Turn your grocery receipts into cash

There are so many apps that enable you to take pictures of your receipts from the supermarket, fast food, restaurants and metro stations and earn points for that. After a certain amount of points, you can receive cash or gift cards. It is a fun and easy way to turn your everyday receipts into money! Download UnoMoney, Ibotta, Saving Star or ShopKick and save money!

10. Privilege house party and dinners with friends

Hanging out with friends is a must during the weekend. But going to the pub make you spend so much money on beers or food? Organize something at your place! Ask everyone to bring something and have fun!


These were our advises saving money! Do you have any other tips you would like to share with us? Comment below!

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