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10 US The Office Gifs That Represent Every Student During Exam Season

10 US The Office Gifs That Represent Every Student During Exam Season

These The Office GIFs will feel relatable to any student out there during exam season. If you love The Office and are stressed by exams, this is for you.

Exam season is a time where students are all universally experiencing the same emotions – fear, exhaustion and dread of what’s to come. But with the stress, there’s something comforting about the unity in our panic; all of which can accurately be described with US The Office Gifs that we all tag each other in on social media as doomsday approaches. Here’s 10 US The Office Gifs that represent every student during exam season:

1 Procrastination

Procrastination is inevitable. Making a cup of coffee, laying out all your notes, cracking open the fancy new Sharpie’s you bought, sitting down at your computer then realising you’d rather do anything other than study.

2 You procrastinate your procrastination

Now that you’ve successfully procrastinated for a full day, you begin to think about the time you’ve wasted doing nothing. You know you should do something but, eh.


 3 When someone asks how your studying is going

The dreaded question. When you’re trying to keep it all together, and someone asks how your studying is going, and you know you have done absolutely nothing.

4 Asking your classmate for help

This seems like a good idea at the time, but when you sit down and realise you both know nothing and therefore can’t help each other, it only makes matters worse.

5 Comfort eating

You finally open a book, read a few pages and decide to treat yourself. You close your books, hop into bed, turn on Netflix and take the evening off.


6 Self belief

Waking up in the morning, feeling motivated and ready to study – you’re unstoppable. Let’s do this. You got this.

7 Your first mental breakdown

An hour into studying, you realise you have way too much to learn and very little time to do it all. Uh oh.

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8 Cramming

You begin studying like a bat out of hell, writing down everything and anything onto flash cards hoping you’ll remember them all come exam day.

9 Put on a brave face

When you’ve accepted your fate, and realise there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help yourself now.

10 Walking out of the exam hall

This is probably the worst part of the whole  exam process. Walking out with your classmates, everyone’s discussing what answer they got for each question- and none of their answers are your answers so you try to act natural but you’re dying inside.


Can you relate to these US The Office gifs? Leave a comment below letting us know which was your favourite!
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