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The Unusually Weird Gifts For Him That Will Leave Him Perplexed

The Unusually Weird Gifts For Him That Will Leave Him Perplexed

Here are some weird gifts for him that he will love! Everyone loves a quirky gift once ina while, so get your guy the best!

Every now and then, you need a weird gift. So here are some options when looking for weird gifts for him. Whether is his birthday, your anniversary, or the holidays getting the perfect gift for your boyfriend can turn into a stressful odyssey. Men are supposed to be quite simple and “less demanding” in comparison to us, but in reality, is their simplicity what makes things harder for us. A pair of shoes, an invitation to his favourite restaurant or a pack of beers seems like dull, and very lacking. If you’re looking for some creative ideas that will surprise him, you are in the right place. These weird gifts for him are ideal for geeks, technology lovers, gym aficionados and much more.

Chocolate Game Controller

Is your boyfriend a gamer geek? Is he a chocolate lover? Your perfect gift is here! These Martins Chocolatier controllers are made of 100% solid chocolate. It’s not only delicious, containing dark chocolate and natural vanilla flavouring, but also visually striking.


Custom Heat Changing Mug

It is not sorcery! Just fill one of these heat sensitive mugs with a hot drink and watch a photo come to life. Bags Of Love and several other businesses print unique designs with personalised messages or picture. Be creative; take this as an opportunity to give him a cute picture of you two or his favourite meme.

Beer Box Subscription

What’s more unusual than receiving a box full of a dozen beers out of sudden? Beer and cider subscription boxes are on the rise, fuelling Britain’s taste for alcohol. Start out with BeerBods’ deal of 12 beers in the post every 12 weeks for a very reasonable cost.


Thanos Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel is having a moment and you probably know everything about that since he can’t shut up about that shocking ending. You can fuel his love for the superhero’s universe and for you with this toy replica of one Marvel’s most powerful weapons. Every man is a child at heart after all!


Lifting Dumbbell Beer Glass

Perfect for a fitness fanatic! Shaped like a dumbbell, this beer glass holds 24oz of your favourite drink, whether it’s ale, cider or simply water. The Dumbbell Beer Glass is also ideal to add to a gym routine, just fill it, rep and drink. We think this is a great option when looking for weird gifts for him!

Personalised Apron

If your boyfriend is a chef in the making, this apron if the best gift for him. You can order it online and choose from either black or green. Give an extra special touch when you customised it so his name appears on top in yellow letters.

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R2 D2 Desk Hoover

 You love him but you can’t stand his untidiness. We all have that person in our lives, and luckily, there’s a brilliant gift for them. This hoover mixes functionality with the love for Star Wars. The world-famous robot, R2D2 will become his loyal side-kick and will keep all the crumbs and dust off the table.


Sneaker Slippers

The name is pretty much self-explanatory. Warm, comfortable and easy to put on, these slippers look just like sneakers and they also come with shoelaces. Ideal for a trendy man who likes to feel comfty while at home and wants to wear something decent while opening the door at eight in the morning. This is definitely a great option, when looking for weird gifts for him!


So there you have it! Some great options when searching for weird gifts for him. Let us know which gifts you thought were the weirdest!

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