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10 Untrue Things Romcom Movies Make You Believe About Relationships

10 Untrue Things Romcom Movies Make You Believe About Relationships

If you're a lover of romcom movies, and believe that all you want in life is to live a real romcom moment - well, don't. Here's a list of reasons why a romantic comedy, and all romance movies in general, are not telling to a true relationship.

Romcoms are great films, usually the main character is a girl in her early twenties whose love life is a complete mess and this resonates with a lot of girls in that age group including myself. This however causes an issue with false hope… By the end of the film the clumsy, geeky, sarcastic protagonist will snag herself the ultra-charming, extremely hot, intellectual with an accent in the space of 90 minutes and nobody else bats an eyelid! Unfortunately, this lie has lead my entire generation to think that this normal and that there is something wrong with us because it doesn’t work out the same way for us. Here’s what you should know about romcom movies:

Meet cutes don’t exist

You are not going to spill your coffee all over a gorgeous guy and convince him to come and shower in your flat. A creep might throw his drink over you to see through your shirt but unfortunately that is the closest you are going to get to life like romcom movies. In all likeliness, you are probably going to meet your partner at work or online and get to know one another before you start a whirlwind, half-naked in your house kind of relationship.

Miscommunication is a big issue

Provided the person you are dating isn’t a sociopath, it is highly unlikely that they won’t hear you out if they see you out with another guy. He isn’t just going to take off and never speak to you again, you probably won’t have to chase them through an airport at any point to prove your innocence either.


Ex drama

You and you ex are broken up for a reason, you don’t have feelings for them anymore, they probably aren’t going to ruin your wedding or beat up your new boyfriend. This is not a problem you should have to worry about, and if this is how they attempt to get you back, get a restraining order against them.

Love completes you!

You are a whole person. You are not wondering around in life trying to find your other half, romantic love is not everything (like it is in romcom movies)! This trope annoys me the most because you can be fulfilled without having a partner, sure it’s nice but it isn’t the be all and end all!!

There is a fine line between love and hate

There is a very thick line between love and hate, if a kid picked on you in primary school it’s not because he liked you, it’s because he’s a dick. Don’t let the world tell you it’s okay for someone to pursue you if they are making you uncomfortable, even if they do look like Heath Ledger.


Opposites attract

The quirky geek and the jock, the nerd boy and gorgeous supermodel. If their personalities go together that’s great but you cannot sustain a relationship on physical attraction alone, it isn’t feasible. One day you are going to wake up with nothing to look at and nothing to talk about and then what are you going to do?

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Grand gestures fix big issues

Flash mobs, boom boxes, and engagement rings are not going to fix your problems. Behind all that temporary happiness is still the big gaping hole that caused you to have problems in the first place. Getting engaged does not mean the credits will roll and you will never have problems again, it just means you are setting yourself up for a larger fall and a long battle with lawyers.


Regular fights aren’t healthy

Say it with me CONSTANT FIGHTS AREN’T HEALTHY. Having big fights all of the time is not healthy for a relationship, if you have screaming matches every other day and break things out of spite it is time to call it quits.

Jealousy is romantic

If your partner won’t allow you to have friends of the opposite sex leave them, they are not your third parent and are not entitled to not “allow” you to do anything. If they are checking your phone, insisting on coming everywhere with you, and getting aggressive when they don’t know where you were, it’s not cute, it’s them just being protective, it is insane. You need to leave them.

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