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10 Untoppable Lady Gaga Looks

10 Untoppable Lady Gaga Looks

Lady Gaga is queen of our hearts, and has the outfits to match. Here are the top ten Gaga looks that we need to remind you of.

Lady Gaga has been serving looks since the day she emerged from a giant egg, and lest we forget it. These Lady Gaga looks deserve to be revisited and immortalised, so that we never forget just how talent, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping and spectacular she is.

And first among the ten looks is:

1. 2017’s Sequin Bodysuit

Among all her bodysuits, this one has to be one of the most iconic.


This custom Atelier Versace outfit had the power-shoulders and full-body sequins to embody Lady Gaga’s glamorous and attention-demanding presence. The look even came with custom boots to match, worn for her Superbowl Halftime Show.

2. 2016’s Pink Coat

It’s glamour, it’s modesty, it’s a pinnacle of her Joanne looks.


Gaga rocked the pink cowboy hat for a number of iconic outfits, and while the crop top and jeans were quintessentially ‘Joanne’, this one is the perfect blend of fashion and this Lady Gaga era of pink hats and country twang.

The peekaboo silk lining? The stockings and heels? Ughhh!

3. 2016’s Grammy Awards

Who could forget the electric blue and the bright, red hair? Not us.


This look is so affronting to the eyes, it’s beautiful. The hair is gorgeous, and the makeup to match her Marc Jacobs dress is perfect – not to mention the dress itself, which is half a blazer anyway.

Those gorgeous, silver decals elevate this look to icon-status.

4. 2010’s You Know What

Unforgettable and untoppable – because no one wants to top it.


Yes, it’s Gaga’s meat dress. And it’s horrendous to look at, but hey, the sentiments were rad – as Gaga stated that it was a comment on the “don’t-ask-don’t-tell” policy that the U.S. military has towards LGBT servicemen and women.

5. 2009’s Bad Romance Music Video

Yes, the entire video. It’s a fashion statement in its entirety, and yes, that is a fact.


Let’s list the iconic moments, shall we?

There’s the gold wafer stuck to her nails, the square sunglasses, the white incubation cells and the latex outfit with crown that climbs out, the black alt. version of this look, the pink hair, the clear dress with cross-shaped nipple tape, the chainmail crop top, the outfit surrounded by the rings of Saturn, the gold-studded full-body look, the red lace bodysuit and black boots, and of course the bazooka bra at the end that roasts her BF.


6. 2009’s Telephone Dress

Because her music videos are an endless source of fashion iconography, we’re going with another iconic look by Gaga.

This Rachael Barrett dress was worn for the ‘Telephone’ music video, made all the more amazing by the Beyonce outfit that stars alongside it. Plus that campy headpiece pays some serious homage to Gaga’s drag influences.

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7. 2009 VMA’s Outfit

Sheer, all-over lace was a staple of Gaga’s wardrobe for quite a few years, but this look has to be most iconic of them all.

It pays homage to her own ‘Bad Romance’ music video, while establishing itself as a standalone outfit of equal fame. And it’s also proof that Gaga didn’t even need to show us her face in order to deliver unequivocally Gaga-esque looks.

8. 2015’s Met Gala

Gaga crowned herself for this iconic look, but let it be known that’s because the gays don’t physically have the power to do it themselves.


This Gaga look is OTT drama and elegance in all it’s Alexander Wang glory.

9. 2018’s Pink Dress

Armed in her ‘Joanne’ pink, Lady Gaga hit up the 75th Venice Film Festival in this Valentino Couture gown.

From the feathers to the…uh, more feathers, this is a look so utterly glamorous and underrated. But when one has so many iconic looks, it’s hard to narrow them down to just ten, isn’t it?


10. 2019’s Met Gala Outfits

The theme was camp, the host was Gaga, and her entrance was the epitome of both.

Gaga served us not one, not two, but four outfit changes – before she even got up the stairs. Hello? 911?

When so many celebs fail to deliver the Met Gala briefs year after year, campy goddesses like Gaga who understand the theme save all of us from burning our eyes out. Camp is about being extra, bringing drama, and is tied intrinsically to the LGBT community through drag. Gaga’s long history with campy, drag-esque outfits definitely helped her serve us the rich drama of four outfit changes, unnecessary umbrellas, and a roll around on the red carpet in her underwear.


Which Lady Gaga outfit is your ultimate fave? Tell us in the comments!

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