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The 10 Unspoken Rules Of Campus Life

The 10 Unspoken Rules Of Campus Life

These are the unspoken rules of campus life that every college uni student need to know! You definitely should read these before starting school!

Starting university can be one of the most exciting and nerve racking time. Even though you cannot wait to start this new chapter in your life, you are also nervous to meet all these new people and living in a campus on your own. Therefore I decided to tell you the unspoken rules of campus life so that your time at university will be a bit more enjoyable and relaxing.

1. The Kitchen

Living in campus with other people is an experience that will teach you a very important lesson. That is “people-especially university students can be really gross when it comes to the kitchen”. So here is the first unspoken rule of campus life; clean after yourself straight away because you are sharing that space. If you are the clean one and it is the other people who create the mess, then it is okay to talk to them and tell them that is not okay.

2. Night Outs

For many people university means night outs. Yes, night outs do play a massive role at your university experience if you want it to. The unspoken rule about that is to make sure that you don’t come back alone. When you go on a night out or fresher’s events, do not lose whoever you went with and make sure to get their phone number in case you do lose them. Not being able find your way back on your first days at university are not so uncommon- especially if you are drunk.


3. Forbidden Romance

University is the place to find your soul mate or your one night stand. Whatever it is, just be sure that the person you find is not your flat mate or in your class. I think this is one of the key unspoken rules of campus life that a lot of people dismiss and suffer the awkwardness later. Trust me, you don’t want to be running into your ex in the middle of the night in your SpongeBob pyjamas with a face mask on.

4. You Cannot Go Out Every Night

I know that during Fresher’s you can think “wow I can really go out every night and still go into class”. Trust me, that won’t last very long. The next thing you know you will be skipping and entire semester while eating McDonalds to survive a hangover. This is definitely one of the harder rules of campus life to get used to at first!

5. You Need To Cook

You cannot afford eating Dominos everyday and neither can your body. First year at university is a tough one for a lot of people as all of a sudden you can eat whatever you want and whenever you want. Enjoy that maybe for the first week but afterwards it is time to do some weekly food shopping and meal prepping.


6. Do Your Laundry

When you start university, the last thing in your mind will be laundry. But, the reality will hit you when you run out of underwear – and no, do not buy new pairs just because you cannot be bothered to wash them. Try and do your laundry often and maybe go with your friends or flat mates, at least you won’t be doing it alone.

7. No more ‘cliques’

I believe that this is one of the greatest unspoken rules of campus life. There are no more little groups, cliques or stereotyping. Everyone is and can be friends. You are constantly introducing and introduced to people. This is definitely one of the best rules of campus life!

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8. Age Groups

You will realise that in your campus there will be people from many different ages. You will have people from your age group, a few years older or even people in their 40s. And you will be so surprised to see how little those age numbers will matter.

9. Change Your Bed Sheets

I know that this rule could have been part of the laundry rule but I felt like this one needed a special recognition. Wash and change your bed sheets. I know it is one of the most annoying house chores and your bed sheets at the moment don’t feel so dirty but trust me, they will be.

10. Friends for life

University will be the place where you will make some friendships that will last for a day and some friends that will last a lifetime. You will have crazy night outs and all nighters at the library. You will go through break ups, hangovers, getting good grades, getting bad grades, burning your food and finally learning how to cook the simple things. Many thing will change in your life during these three years, but some of your friends you will meet at university will always stay. So the last but not least unspoken rule of campus life is treating your friends with love and respect. Give them effort and time. Be there for them, because their friendship will be one of the most important things you will gain from your life at campus.


What are some other rules of campus life we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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