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Why My Experience At The University Of Salford Was One For The Books

Why My Experience At The University Of Salford Was One For The Books

If you love reminiscing about your old uni days, take a look at why my experience at the University of Salford was one for the books!

Every student faces the challenge of choosing where to study and from my personal experience, it was difficult to figure out what my gut was telling me. I knew that I wanted to be a writer and choose a course that I knew would allow me to be creative, whilst also being able to achieve my dream career. With that said, in 2016 I chose a three-year multimedia journalism course, which was offered by a few universities across the UK. After getting an offer from Leeds, York and Salford, I ended up choosing Salford and I’ve come to realise that it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. There’s so much I can say about living in a new city and the positive things that have happened whilst studying in Salford, which is why I have rounded up some of the best highlights as to why my experience at the University of Salford is a one for the books!

1. The Place To Be

Whatever your dream career may be, The University of Salford is more than likely to have a course to help you get there! Their prospectus is one of the best in my opinion, compared to other universities I had applied for beforehand. There are so many courses to choose from whether you love art, science or English etc. you’re more than likely to find the course that’s right for you. There is so much to learn culturally and historically at the beautifully kept university buildings, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the natural greenery that makes Peel Park. The staff at the university are very helpful and supportive of everybody and it’s really a joy to study at a place where you feel equal and there’s always support available for everybody if you ever need it!

2. Great Nightlife

The University of Salford is right on the doorstep of Manchester city centre, which holds many nightclubs and bars for everybody, with a variety of genre to choose from! Freshers week in September is always an exciting time for the students of Salford University because its usually during that week that many people start connecting and making new friends, some life-long and some not! Salford is also home to The Pint Pot, the most iconic pub in Salford for students and the locals just down the road from the university serving fresh beer and weekly entertainment! There are guaranteed parties for freshers at just about every main nightclub with cheap entry and cheap drinks and I’ve had some of the best and unforgettable times during freshers!


3. Making New Friends

It can be difficult moving away from home to a new city because sometimes we don’t know what to expect, especially if you’re living in halls with a bunch of people you’ve never met. But having said that, most of the friends I have today I met at Salford University, making me feel like I made a really great choice in choosing to study there. Plus, if you’re really sociable, the university has students who have created societies to ensure you meet people who have the same interests! Whether you enjoy sports, debating, film, books, there’s something for everyone which is what makes The University of Salford so great!

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4. 24/7 Library

It was surprising to learn that Salford University is one of the only a few libraries in the UK that is open 24/7! With that said, you’ve got the ability to escape somewhere at night to finish off assignments or to relax if you don’t fancy going to sleep. It’s also a great place to socialise with other students who are on different courses and have conversations and make new friends! The library is also newly refurbished and allows you to take out books for as long as you want to help you with your assignments and studies. It’s one of my favourite places to escape to when I want to find somewhere peaceful to chill out or to finish assignments!


5. MediaCityUK

With bus stops situated all around Salford University, all students with their ID card can get the 50 buses free to MediaCityUK, twenty minutes away from the main campus. As a journalism student, I get this bus all of the time as my course is situated at the Media City campus. Media City is where the BBC and ITV are situated and is an expanding modern area filled with new beautiful buildings with neon lights. It looks great at night when it is all lit up and the water on the Quays is glowing. There’s also the Lowry shopping outlet full of designer stores and a food court with an Odeon cinema. It’s one of Salford’s gems as it aims to become a modernised and expanding city!

These are just some of the reasons as to why The University of Salford is the place to be and will be remembered for some of the best memories ever! Feel free to ask any questions or let us know your most memorble experiences at the university!

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