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University Is Making Me Depressed – What Should I Do?

University Is Making Me Depressed – What Should I Do?

If you are depressed in college here is how to manage. Depression in college is common. Here are tips for depression and how to cope with depression.

The winter time can be an unhappy season; it gets darker earlier, there is rain constantly threatening to fall and the cold creeps in. This is all combined with deadline and exam season lurking before you. It makes it all a bit more difficult for you to stay motivated and might possibly even make you fall into a state of depression. But don’t worry, the likelihood of that happening is slim, you might just be feeling a bit down some of the days because that 2000 word essay is due in a couple of days, or your plans have been spoiled because of the weather. However, if you do find these feelings becoming slightly more frequent read my top 5 tips below on what you can do if you think university is making you depressed.

1. Fresh Air

With the stress of deadlines at the end of the semester coming up sometimes you can get a bit weighed down with late night library sessions or spending all weekend working on that one piece of editing in your room you might forget to take a walk every now and then. You could start off taking a 20 minute walk around your local area…Even if it is chucking it down with rain. Fresh air helps with being depressed.

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2. Phone a friend

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and you might start to feel like you’re on your own without any one to talk to. But there are. Your friends you made at university. Your friends back at home. And your family. They are all there to support you. So if you are having a particularly off day, pick up the phone and chat to a mate for a bit. Sharing whats on your mind or just having a gossip is a great way to lighten the mood a bit.

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3. Healthy diet = healthy you

I know this sounds really cliche but it is true. The healthier you eat for longer periods at a time the stronger your immune system will become making you feel better in yourself as you won’t get weighed down with any winter time colds.


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4. University support

But if your university deadlines are getting a bit too much despite all your routine exercise attempts and salad dinners there is always support available from your student services at university who can offer you advice on all areas. Eating well helps with being depressed.

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5. Consult your doctor

However, if you feel like none of the above are helping you feel any better I recommend seeing your local doctor. Especially if you’re having any thoughts that could be harming to yourself. Your doctor is there to help you feel better in yourself, physically and mentally.

What are your thoughts on being depressed?
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