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The List Of University Degree Programs That Will Make You Money

The List Of University Degree Programs That Will Make You Money

Take a look at these university degree programs that will make you money right after you graduate. No need to worry about not being able to pay the bills.

When it comes university degree programmes and future career paths, specific subject choice can really make the difference in terms of annual salary and career progression. In order words, the earnings that a particular degree programme can bring you after graduation is taken in count by future students more and more nowadays. In the Uk, the universities that attract the highest incomes are the Russel group university, with an average of around £40.000 5 years after graduating. When it comes to salary and income for graduate, several factors need to be considered. According to the BBC, for instance, gender inequality, social background and and Institution have a huge influence on the general income for graduates. We have gathered a list of university degree programmes that will certainly help you make the cash after graduating. These are some of the university degree programs that will make you money.

Medicine and Dentistry

According to a research conducted by the BBC, graduates of medicine and dentistry can earn an average of £46,700.  These figures might make you think that medicine is therefore the fast route to a fat wallet, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Starting salaries for a medical graduate can be very low, as the big money comes after specializing. For instance, Junior doctors in their first year of postgraduate training earn a minimum of £26,614 whiles doctors training for a speciality earn a basic salary of between £36,461 and £46,208. Newly qualified dentist who work for the NHS (National Health Service) get paid around £30,132.

Economics and Mathematics

Economics graduates as well as those with a mathematics or related degree can earn around £40.000 5 years after completing their course. Just like many other programmes, the big money doesn’t come immediately after graduating, but specialization, a masters degree and professional experience help boost the earning expectations. This is one of the university degree programs that will make you money.



The average salary of engineering graduate is at £25,000. However, according to experts, subject specialism can make a difference. For instance, chemical engineering graduates earn much compared to civil engineers.


Starting salary for recent Architecture graduates can be between 18.000 to 22.000, which is not as high as fellow graduate in Medicine, mathematics of engineering. However, the earning salary rises with experience. 5 years of experience in the field can mean seeing the initial entry salary doubled up or even more. This is one of the university degree programs that will make you money.

Computer science

IT industries are really on the up. Nowadays there is a huge request for Computer science graduates and the number of career opportunities is higher than other degree subjects. Just like with other degree programmes, your career path will depend on what you specialise in. Starting salary for IT graduates is within the £25,000 range and goes up based on experience.

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Starting salary range for law graduates can be as low as 12.000 per years but can rise to up to 50.000 depending on who you work for. Law is certainly one of those degree programmes that could help you make the cash, but just like every other industry hard work, experience and a bit of luck is what you need to reach that goal.


Although languages graduates are often categorized under humanity subjects, there are great possibilities to earn more than actual humanities graduates such as psychology, sociology or media. It all depends on the career path you chose, whether teaching, translating or other. This is one of the university degree programs that will make you money.


Which university degree programs that will make you money are you studying? Comment in the section below!

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