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Unisex Jewellery That Anyone Can Rock This Season

This season with jewellery, it’s all about versatility. Taking inspiration from vintage and bohemian styles, unisex jewellery is back and cooler than ever. Whether you’re going to a festival, the beach, abroad or just chilling at home, these unisex jewellery pieces can be rocked by anyone this season.

1. Crystal necklaces

This style can be glamorised with girly pinks and purples and a sparkly chain, or stripped back with more natural black or grey hue – just like the real crystal stones. Crystal necklaces look great on anyone and just radiate that calm, cool holistic vibe which is perfect for a festival. They also look handmade which just adds to their authenticity, and each crystal actually means something so it’s adhered to the individual, not the gender. For example, amethysts are associated with peace and healing, while turquoise is associated with wisdom. Wearing a crystal is a nice little addition to an outfit as well as having a special meaning to someone if they appreciate its symbolism.

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2. Friendship bracelets

Simple and not too showy, the friendship bracelet is loved by everyone for its modesty. It’s comfortable to wear and comes in every colour you can think of, so there really is an option for everyone. They are also really easy to make, with demos on Youtube and Pinterest, and you then have the freedom to choose your own pattern or design to make it personal for you. Or if you want to give it as a gift, as tradition says, then it’s even more special. These trendy bracelets are a symbol of love, friendship and happiness as well as being a summer staple for beach days or travelling the world.

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3. Metallic bangles

The simplicity of metallic design makes it a wearable piece for anyone, especially as a bangle. Perfect for the summer season, bangles exude an Eastern vibe and look amazing if worn with a patterned shirt or blouse. They have literally been worn since the Ancient Egyptian era – they are probably not going anywhere if they have stuck around this long! Metallic also continues to impress on the runways season after season, making the metallic bangle a timeless – and genderless – look. Silver, gold and rose gold are all equally trendy.

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4. Charm necklaces

For a summery surfer vibe, string charm necklaces are a perfect piece of jewellery for both men and women. For the coolest laid-back style, wear a string or rope with a wooden charm, beads, a shell or a shark tooth. It’s waterproof, stain proof and can be found on any online shop at cheap prices. The simple yet cool design also means you can layer it up, so why not wear two or three necklaces? This style also looks cool as a bracelet and an anklet for that complete surfer look – and works as a piece of unisex jewellery too.

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5. Statement rings

With rings this summer, the rule is the more the merrier – and the bigger the better! Racking up statement rings is a big trend this season, and statement rings are a great unisex piece of jewellery because of the sheer range of choices you can make. Go for stones in multiple colours, cloudy rocks, sparkly stones, and dazzling agate styles. You can also match with your necklace and wear a crystal statement ring.

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No matter your style, anyone can rock these unisex pieces of jewellery this season. What are your favourite pieces of jewellery? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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