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12 Unique Wall Decor Ideas To Dress Up A Bare Space

12 Unique Wall Decor Ideas To Dress Up A Bare Space

Here is some great inspiration for wall decor ideas for your home! Add some personality to those walls with these fun ideas!

Need some wall decor ideas? A vast windowless space can become the ideal place to set up some of your creative decor plans! Don’t let that blank space go to waste, there are many ways to make a blank wall delightfully vivid, or neat and trim with the whole ‘less is more’ aesthetic. Here are some brilliant ideas for you to take a peak at.

Go Eclectic

Picture this- in a beautiful colour splashed room, the main focal point could be an eye catcher of a painting or piece of art of your taste and choosing. This could be the centre-piece of a collection of similar paintings building the spectator’s attention to the main centre attraction. We love this option for wall decor ideas!

Matching Decor

An idea could be to position some art pieces onto that blank wall space, something that naturally syncs with the ornaments or accessories already in place around the room. Call it a symphony of correspondence.


Hanging Beauties

I love this concept; images, photographs with sentimental value, or again, works that suit your artistic tastes, but all framed and hanging from that blank wall on simple strings.

Reflect The Light

Keeping the decor light and simple, this idea is truly elegant in its simplicity. Get yourself a sculptural or artfully designed mirror, so as to catch and reflect the natural light in the room. Looking for a relaxed, stylish decor option? This may be your thing.



Texture Decor

Imagine this: In the dining room of a New York home filled with art, a piece of textured wall artwork is by Rudolf Stingel. The lacy look of the work harmonizes with the smooth backdrop, which has been painted in a dove gray shade that closely matches the piece. Now you could integrate some kind of textured artwork onto your own blank wall space. This is a great option when thinking of wall decor ideas!

Minimalist Bookshelves

Install simple, minimalist shelving and display a few of your favorite books and objects to maintain a modern look.

Style It Simple

For a rustic feel, take a cue from this historic Long Island farmhouse and hang up a few antique pieces that you adore, whether they match or not. These 19th-century mirrors were found in Antwerp and give the entryway an eclectic feel.


Frame It In Gold

Mix-and-match your favorite pieces of art, regardless of style or era, and display them using similarly gilded frames. In the master bedroom of a Los Angeles home, for example, the owners hung a wall of artworks from the couple’s collection above a decidedly feminine Italian giltwood settee.

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Prop Up A Mirror

Perhaps one of the easiest ways of dressing up a blank wall is by propping a mirror up against it. A super cool option for wall decor ideas!


Make A Statement

Do you own a fireplace and mantelpiece? If so, why not purchase a mantelpiece centre-piece? A bit of a mouthful, I’ll admit, however it works for some people. Or make the fireplace a statement in its own right. Up to you reader!

Floor Lamp

Install simple, minimalist shelving and display a few of your favorite books and objects to maintain a modern look.

Artsy Bookshelf?

A development of the minimalist bookshelf, try an artsy version, stocked up with everything you could ever desire on a rainy day.


Photo Split

A painting of a 1970s plane split into three canvases makes a dramatic statement in retail guru Jeffrey Kalinsky’s minimalist New York Apartment. Basically, split a photo that you like the look of, and make it into a personal art experiment, to fill the blank spaces.

We hope you got some great inspiration from these wall decor ideas! Let us know in the comments below which looks you loved!

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