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10 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She Will Love

10 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She Will Love

Here is a list to help you find some unique mothers day gift ideas that she will love! Because let's be honest, mom's deserve some thought and effort.

Mother’s Day is here and finding the perfect present can be nothing but stress, stress and more stress. Here is a list to help you find some unique mother’s day gift ideas that she will love! Because let’s be honest, mom’s deserve some thought and effort.

unique mother's day gift ideas  unique mother's day gift ideas

1. Personalised Bar Bracelet

Ideal for mums that want a nice gift and a sentimental gift, but don’t realise that you can’t afford both. I know what you’re thinking- tacky as hell, right? But actually, these can be ridiculously pretty pieces of jewellery. Definitely one of the best unique mother’s day gift ideas to consider.unique mother's day gift ideas


2. Glossybox E-gift Voucher

You might think that your mum is SO good, that she deserves 3, 6 or 12 Mother’s Days in a year, and with Glossybox you can give her just that. Each month there is surprise delivery of beauty treats. This is the gift that keeps on giving (for as long as you’re willing to pay for it, that is.)unique mother's day gift ideas

3. Mum’s Precious Things Trinket Dish

Let’s be honest, most mum’s wear jewellery pretty much all day, every day. So naturally, they need somewhere to put it. This is practical and adorable. It’s also small, so if she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to feel bad about shoving it in a corner where nobody can see it. It ticks all the boxes.unique mother's day gift ideas

4. Normann Copenhagen Pocket Organiser

These are quite literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and can be adapted to any kind of mum. Be it a makeup space, a garden wall, a desk organiser, kitchen storage, you can fill these handy little pockets with anything at all and they will still look so good.unique mother's day gift ideas


5. Bell Cover Photo Holder

Maybe your mum is a lover of Disney and will immediately get Beauty and the Beast vibes, or maybe she just loves having pics of her amazing kid (you) around her house. Whichever one, this photo holder is sure to be appreciated, and will definitely get homedécor points.

unique mother's day gift ideas

6. Personalised Candle

Personalised gifts are the perfect way to say ‘I put time into this’, even if it was a last minute plan with A LOT of stress involved. And who doesn’t love candles? Of course, the message can be as cringe as you like, but I would 10/10 recommend this one.unique mother's day gift ideas



7. Relaxation Gift Set

Why not let your mum put her feet up whilst you make the tea for a change? This set includes a candle, a bath infusion, and a face mask for the ultimate treat, without forking out for a spa day. You could even add your own extras, like a dressing gown or some new slippers, to really de-stress her.unique mother's day gift ideas

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8. Memories of Childhood Print

Just a warning, this will probably make your mum cry. Bring back your fondest memory and put it all on this chic print. Perfect for interior loving ladies, and ladies who love to reminisce.unique mother's day gift ideas

9. Miller Harris La Collection Decouverte

Perfume is a very standard Mother’s Day present, but it can also be a really annoying present to get if your mum doesn’t have a favourite. This is the perfect scapegoat. Each tiny bottle is a sample of another perfume. Essentially, let your mum do the work in finding her signature scent (then buy it for her as a birthday present- two gifts in one.)unique mother's day gift ideas

10. Mother’s Day Advent Calendar

Give your mum the gift of 12 presents. And because the box is so cute, the presents can be tiny and very lacking in inspiration. The perfect gift to give if you’re terrible at giving gifts. Keep these for future reference when you’re stuck on unique mother’s day gift ideas.


unique mother's day gift ideas

What are some unique mother’s day gift ideas you’ve given? Let us know in the comments below!
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