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10 Unique London Cafés You Have To Visit

10 Unique London Cafés You Have To Visit

Need tips to find unique London cafes? Check out our list of the most unique coffee shops in London! Here are 10 you have to visit!

We all love our coffee and cakes, but quite often we get stuck inside a boring routine of visiting the exact same place every single time (yes, Starbucks, I’m looking at you). It’s great that we have the luxury of quality cafe chains available to us throughout London, yet at the same time it’s worth breaking away from our habits and exploring something new. London is a treasury full of unique and interesting cafes that you have probably never even heard of! Check out our list of 10 unique London Cafes that you absolutely have to visit.

1. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Address:  152-154 Bethnal Green Rd, E2 6DG

Cuddling lots of fluffy kitties whilst sipping on incredibly delicious white hot chocolate? Count me in! This unique cafe is home to rescue cats who have taken on the role of entertaining visitors. Well, for the most part – some cats will always be cats and will continue to lounge on the armchairs all day long. But don’t worry, there are plenty of cats for you to play with! Don’t forget to take lots of adorable pictures for those Instagram likes.




2. Drink, Do & Shop

Address: 9 Caledonian Rd, N1 9DX

‘Cafe by day, bar by night.’ What an enticing description to give to your cafe! This location not only organises hen parties and baby showers, but it also offers lots of fun activities for you to participate in. Ranging from irresistible food offers such as bottomless brunch to speed dating (yes, really), you’ll never run out of things to do on your coffee break.



3. Kaffeine

Address: 66 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia, W1W 7QJ

A unique creation of a Kiwi and an Aussie, this London cafe combines the best of both cultures. They make delicious coffees and incredible pastries, as well as offer fun barista courses that will teach you everything that you need to know about latte art and more. So, what are you waiting for!




4. E Pellicci

Address: 332 Bethnal Green Rd, E2 0AG

Another unique Hackney location, this cafe has opened over 100 years ago and is serving incredible food to this day. An authentic family-run business, they cook delicious Italian and British classics from scratch every single day. The gorgeous vintage interior only adds to the atmosphere!




5. Hurwundeki

Address: Cambridge Heath Rd, E2 9HA

Have you ever considered combining a hair salon with a cafe? Well, Kichul Lee has! By incorporating traditional Korean cuisine into a familiar cafe setting (and a hairdressing salon next door), he has created a unique creative space that is open to all.


6. Cabmen’s Shelters

Address: All over London!

These ‘drive-through’ unique London cafes were originally designed to fuel the tired and hungry coachmen of the 19th century. With an incredible 61 locations and coffees costing as little as £1 (can you imagine!), these quirky little cabins have evolved into versatile cafes that serve delicious food on the go. Be sure to check them out next time you’re near one.




7. Sew Over It

Address: 319 Essex Rd, N1 2BD

Who knew that hiring a real sewing machine for a mere £6 alongside a warming coffee was a good idea? Well, the friendly minds behind the Sew Over It concept have transformed the way we see cafes. You’ll no longer be sat on your phone but instead will learn about different types of fabric and how to make everything from dresses to jackets!

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8. Machine

Address: 97 Tower Bridge Rd,  SE1 4TW

A bike repair shop paired with a cafe? London never ceases to surprise us! Serving freshly roasted Monmouth coffee, this family-run establishment is a unique place to catch up with your friends regardless of whether or not you’re into cycling. They welcome everyone, including our four-legged friends!

9. Aida

Address: 133 Shoreditch High St, E1 6JE

We can always expect Shoreditch to produce something that’s ridiculously Insta-worthy. This cafe is precisely one of those unique London Cafes that is just too beautiful! Boasting an intriguing Scandinavian clothing and homeware shop alongside delicious coffee, Aida is definitely worth a visit. They serve rose latte, for God’s sake!



10. Peggy Porschen Cakes

Address: 116 Ebury St, Belgravia, SW1W 9QQ

We saved the best for last. I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly beautiful this cafe is! Serving amazing handmade cakes inspired by floral designs, this location is definitely a unique gem hidden within plain sight. The lovely pink interior inspires a fairytale-like atmosphere that is bound to mesmerise you!




Have you been to any of these unique London cafes? What are your favourite places to go in London? Let us know below!

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