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Unique Hot Chocolate Ideas That Taste Like A Hug In A Mug

Unique Hot Chocolate Ideas That Taste Like A Hug In A Mug

With the winter and fall seasons upon us, it’s time to start thinking about all those cosy cold nights by the crackling fire with a cup of smooth hot chocolate. But now is not the time to be settling for just any old hot chocolate powder in a cup of warm milk.

Hot chocolate is super underrated in terms of creativity, and ways to spice it up often include Nutella, peanut butter or peppermint. But it’s time to try some wilder recipes that may just become your new favourites! From diverse colours to holiday inspirations, these unique hot chocolate ideas are sure to feel just like a warm hug in a mug for your upcoming chilly evenings. 

1. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Salted caramel has become quite popular in chocolate flavours and ice cream flavours, with its slightly sea-salty taste to an ooey-gooey caramel indulgence. And this salted caramel hot chocolate recipe from Chasing Daisies Blog is the perfect way to add a little salty taste to a typically sweet winter drink.

You have the choice to create this hot chocolate with a made-from-scratch caramel sauce or a pre-made caramel sauce, depending on how quickly you wish to consume this heavenly drink. 

Unique Hot Chocolate Ideas That Taste Like A Hug In A Mug

2. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Red velvet is another cake flavour that has become super popular in recent years. With its gorgeous rich red colour, it’s easy to fall in love with this flavour, reminding us of fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland and her tea parties. But transformed and inspired into a hot chocolate? Um, yes, please?

And this red velvet hot chocolate recipe has a special secret lying within it. It’s made with beetroot! And that’s because this red velvet hot chocolate is 100 percent vegan friendly, made with raw cacao powder and plant-based milk. Talk about a win win!

Unique Hot Chocolate Ideas That Taste Like A Hug In A Mug

3. Matcha White Hot Chocolate

And continuing with the currently popular food trends, how can we forget about matcha? Matcha is pure and organic green tea powder and is widely known for its health and detoxifying benefits. But be mindful, matcha is very strong and a little goes a long way for any matcha recipe. 

And this dairy-free matcha white hot chocolate recipe from The Wooden Skillet is perfect for those who do not wish to have dairy but still want a warm winter hug in a mug that is just as creamy and decadent. Made with coconut milk, dairy-free white chocolate and even coconut sugar, this is pure beauty in a mug. 

Unique Hot Chocolate Ideas That Taste Like A Hug In A Mug

4. Pink Hot Chocolate

We’ve covered red and we’ve covered green, so how can we forget the playful pink? A gorgeous baby pink reminds us of fairy floss or cotton candy, lollies and candy, strawberry Nesquik etc. So there’s no wonder that pink hot chocolate could be your new favourite hug in a mug recipe. 

This pink hot chocolate recipe from Simply Being Mommy is perfect for the romantic soul within all of us, and is absolutely fitting for a Valentine’s Day warm drink for you and your boo, or maybe just you and you! Made with almond milk, white chocolate and a teaspoon of gorgeous strawberry flavour oil, this hot chocolate is simply picture-perfect and sweet. 

Unique Hot Chocolate Ideas That Taste Like A Hug In A Mug

5. Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

To finish off this truly sinful list, we just had to mention a gorgeous hot chocolate recipe infused with our old friend pumpkin spice. With the colder months in our midst, it’s exciting to think of all the pumpkin recipes we just have to try for the Fall season. 

And this pumpkin spice hot chocolate recipe from Jacquelyn Clark is perfect for the upcoming Autumn months, where the weather is just progressing to those chillier mornings and afternoons. Made with pureed pumpkin, a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger powder, salted caramel and chocolate chips, this will be like a festive party in your mouth. 

Unique Hot Chocolate Ideas That Taste Like A Hug In A Mug

Do you prefer whipped cream or marshmallows topped on your hot chocolate? Or a combination of both? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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