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13 Unique Belts That Take A Certain Person To Pull Off

13 Unique Belts That Take A Certain Person To Pull Off

Check out these unique belts with unique belt buckles that add definition to the waist! Paired with high waist denim and skirts, these belts are ideal.

In the world of fashion and style, there is one accessory that seems to be often forgotten. Belts have long been in and out of trends for decades now, and lucky for some, they’re back in style. But belts are no longer the typical, slim leather accessories they once were. From Western-inspired buckles to belt bags (or fanny packs as they’re otherwise known), here are thirteen unique belts that take a certain person to pull off.

1. Slogan D-Ring Belt

Slogan belts are totally trendy right now and with good reason. These belts provide a unique way to add a graphic edge to your outfit. These unique belts look best paired with denim, utility pants, or with loose-fitting jogger style trousers.

2. Climbing Rope Belt

This unique belt is an updated version of the shoelace belt trend that we saw early last year. The best part about this belt is that it is super adjustable and one size truly fits all. Pair it with over sized graphic tees and wide leg jeans for a 90’s skater look.


3. Quilted Belt Bag

Pair your classic leather belt with a quilted bag and you’ve got yourself a belt bag! This is sleek and stylish but adds just the right amount of drama to any outfit. It comes in two colours, but cherry red will be a great way to add a bold pop of colour to basic outfits.

4. Rope Belt

Though they may seem weird, rope belts are a great way to cheat drawstring or paper bag waists on any style of jeans or trousers. Try to find one that matches your favourite jeans for a unique spin on your everyday outfits.

5. Sleek Black Belt Bag

This is a great 2-in-1 option for nights out. This sleek black belt looks like your average go-to belt, but the addition of a tiny purse makes it perfect for on the go. This is a great way to go hands-free when you’re out but still look ultra stylish.


6. Wide Buckle Belt

Now this belt option definitely takes a certain person to pull off. If you want a belt that stands out and will be the centre of attention, then go for a wide buckle belt. This style is worn high up on the body to cinch your waist and give you an hourglass figure.

7. Chain Detail Belt

Chain belts are unique belts to take any outfit to the next level. These types of belts are definitely not for minimalists and will take a certain person with grunge-y, rocker style to pull off. Add this to any outfit to toughen it up.

8. Clear Purse Belt

A fun way to get in on the clear PU trend is by wearing it as a belt. This is just like a typical belt bag, but the clear plastic shows off everything you’re carrying. Use this as a stylish way to hold small items and makeup on the go.


9. Obi Belt

Large Obi belts are true statement pieces that take a certain person to pull off! Use these giant belts to add shape to boxy button down shirts or shirt dresses. Be warned, anyone rocking an Obi belt will definitely turn heads.

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10. Western Buckle Belt

If you want to make a statement yet keep it subtle, a Western buckle belt is a good way to ease in to the unique belt trend. Wear these with denim cutoffs and tie-front tops to complete the look.


11. Round Buckle Pin Belt

This belt may look simple from afar, but adds a totally unique spin with its round pin buckle. Use this belt to add some interest to basic outfits, or pair it with an all-white ensemble to make the belt stand out.

12. Canvas Eyelet Belt

This belt has it all: studs, eyelets and a chain. If you want to toughen up your outfits and add some edge, definitely go for this unique spin on the typical black belt. Pair this with plaid trousers and chunky boots to complete the aesthetic.

13. Heartbreaker Belt

If you’re after a mix of sweet yet tough accessories, then why not go for this heartbreaker belt? Sleek black leather is made more interesting with the addition of a heart-shaped buckle and a hanging heart pendant. Pair this belt with pops of red for an on-trend look.


Which of these unique belts will you try to pull off? Let us know in the comments!

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