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10 Uni Student Staple Meals We All Have Tried At One Point

10 Uni Student Staple Meals We All Have Tried At One Point

10 Uni Student Staple Meals We All Have Tried At One Point

There are some experiences at university that we all know, share, and hate to love – and the uni student staple meals are among them.

Whether you’re too poor for fresh vegetables, have the crappiest kitchen in the world, or simply just don’t know how to cook (Mum did it before, duh!), you’ve definitely tried these meals at least once while you’re at uni.

1. A Bowl Of Froot Loops

Cereal is cheap, and you’re living out of home for the first time – who the hell is honestly going to go for the ‘Special K’ when that taboo box of ‘Froot Loops’ is sitting right next to it?


This is the kinda meal you eat when you’re on a budget, you can’t cook, and because who’s gonna stop you from eating cereal for tea?

2. A Loaf Of Bread

The old faithful. Who hasn’t lived off of a loaf of 90c bread and butter before?

You can toast it, you can tear it into little pieces, and better yet, one loaf can last you an entire week if you’re savvy about it!


The real cheapskates will even steal their butter (or other toppings) from their economically better-off housemates.

3. Two Minute Noodles

Ah, instant ramen! The infallible poor person’s meal. You can buy it in bulk, or you buy it in the little cups that equal no dishes for you!

We all definitely have had our weeks living the instant ramen kinda life.


4. Week-Old Leftovers

Because when you’re going to cook, you cook a lot – and you make it last. Sure that chicken stir-fry’s been sitting in their a little longer than it should, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?

5. Someone Else’s Food

A classic uni hack, as much as it is also a classic among uni student staple meals. You ever notice that bacon someone else froze a week ago? Or perhaps your housemate went home for the weekend – and surely that spaghetti bolognese will have gone bad by then.

Why feed yourself when your housemates are so (unknowingly) generous?


(But for real, the food scabs are the worst kind of housemates – at least suggest a potluck).

6. Packet Pasta

This is one step above instant ramen, but still a cop-out for a real meal. But who’s got time for fresh veggies, or money for an eye fillet steak? Not us!

Uni students haunt the Italian food aisles of the supermarket and love to stock up on ‘Continental’ packet pasta.


7. Spaghetti Bolognese

Sticking with Italian food, spag bol is definitely a staple in the uni student diet, and a classic among uni student staple meals. It’s easy to cook, and you can whip up a whole bunch at once and freeze the leftovers!

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We all know and love this old favourite.


8. Nachos/Tacos

If you’re looking for a meal, but don’t want to put in much effort – then you bet your ass you’ll be rounding up a group of friends and making them pitch in coin for this easy meal.

And if you’re not cooking it yourself, then it’s the uni providing it’s twice-a-year free meal for it’s deeply indebted students.

9. Or You Drive Home So You’re Mum Can Cook For You

Yeah – we’ve all been there. Mum’s got money, she’s got skill in the kitchen, and she’s never going to say no to the child due for workplace success post-graduation.


10. Then Steal Food From Home And Take It Back

It’s Leftovers: Part 2. 

You’re due back at uni, but before you leave, you give those cupboards at home a quick once over. Box of ‘Shapes’ – that’s coming with you. Tins of soup, bag of pasta, leftover lasagne – all stuffed in your cooler bag from ‘Coles’.

There’s no shame in partaking in these uni student staple meals either, because you bet your ‘homebrand’ tomato soup we’ve all been there too.


Can you relate to being this poor? Cry with us about it in the comments!

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