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8 Uni Party Themes You Have To Try At Least Once

8 Uni Party Themes You Have To Try At Least Once

Whether you jump for joy or roll your eyes in annoyance upon the discovery that the upcoming party has a theme, these 8 uni party themes are well worth making the effort for…

1. Shit shirt

This theme brings out the boys’ competitive nature as they find themselves on a mission to find the shittiest shirt out there. They suddenly get their shopping game on and trawl the city’s charity and vintage shops, as well as the internet to pick up a shirt ghastlier than their mates’. It must be an eyesore; it must be poor quality fabric and it must fit terribly. The shittier the better.

2. Dress up as each other

A great one to try out with your society, it usually brings a lot of hilarity (and some offense) to the night. Costume identities are best kept a secret until the night, allowing you to have fun guessing who everybody is when they turn up. For added fun and games, call everybody by the name they are dressed as for the entire night just to cause complete confusion.


3. Film characters

Pick a film and assign each member of the group a character from it. Characters can’t be repeated! As with any of the uni party themes, dressing as the opposite sex is always entertaining, so mix it up a little. Imagine a female Shrek or a male Fiona…

4. Alphabet

Everyone is assigned a letter of the alphabet which their costume must begin with. This allows for more creative freedom and makes for a super random-looking set of party guests. Alternatively, this theme can be altered to the first letter of your name or the host’s initials. Good luck to those who get stuck with the high-scoring scrabble letters…


5. Anything but clothes

This is one of the riskier uni party themes, which requires you to wear anything you want, as long as it’s not clothing…use a bin bag, a sheet, toilet paper, whatever you can find to securely cover yourself up. Just make it somewhat glamorous and be sure it can withstand a night of hard partying!

6. Pyjamas

Whilst there is the danger of feeling far too cosy and bailing early in favour of your bed, a pyjama party helps to relax the atmosphere for a chilled party vibe. This is unless of course, the girls turn up in provocative nightwear or those who don’t tend to wear pyjamas decide to come dressed accordingly – stark naked. It would certainly be one way to liven up the party…

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7. What you wanted to be when you grew up

Your childhood dreams were most likely far more interesting than your current career plan – without limits and before you discovered what you’re actually good at…take yourself back to your childhood aspirations and seize the opportunity to live them at this type of themed party! Be the pop star who can’t sing or dance, be the footballer with no ball skills, be the law-breaking police officer…


8. Double acts

Pair up with your bestie or significant other for this duo party theme. Whether it’s reality stars, fictional characters, food, colours or any other type of double act you can think of, you’re in it together. You can help each other with costume prep and practice a catchphrase in advance to irritate everyone else. The challenge is to stay together all night, as, on your own, your outfit makes no sense!

Which of these uni party themes have you tried? What did you go as? Tell us your weird and wonderful costume successes/failures – we want to hear everything!

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