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10 Unforgettable Things You May Witness At A College Party

10 Unforgettable Things You May Witness At A College Party

10 Unforgettable Things You May Witness At A College Party

College parties can be a truly wild time. For some, a college party might be the first time a person gets to attend a party without a parent to go home to and the freedom of that can often get people into trouble.

You can witness all sorts of things at college parties, be it totally amazing or totally awful – it can really go either way depending on who is there with you.

To prepare you, here are 10 unforgettable things that you might just witness at a college party:


1. The person that’s “all good”

At a college party, there is nearly always at least one person that will continuously tell you that they’re “all good” and “not even drunk” throughout the night, only then to go and throw up right in front of you. Sick is something you’ve got to expect at a party. Whether it’s the guy you were just about to kiss chucking up on your shoes (ew) or your best friend using your cute new purse as a sick bag. Sadly, these images tend to stick with us – so be prepared.

2. THAT lad

The lad that’s on a mission to get with any and every girl at the party. There’s always at least one lad that just seems to be walking around looking for his prey, and he’ll go from one girl to the next, to the next. It’s always a little bit sad to see.

10 Unforgettable Things You May Witness At A College Party


3. The fights

Whether it’s girly bitch fighting or a full-on wrestling match between lads, unfortunately, fights are pretty common at college parties. Just be aware of what’s going on around you and stay well out of the way if anything kicks off – you don’t want to accidentally get punched (or clawed with stiletto nails).

4. Drink driving (just don’t do it !!!)

Unfortunately, drink driving isn’t uncommon at college parties. It’s always a really bad idea to drink drive, let alone the fact that it’s illegal. Even if you think you feel okay, just don’t be that person that decides they’ll be fine and then ends up in an accident – it’s really not worth it. Also, be prepared to stop someone who tries to drink drive, you’re as bad as the drunk driver if you let it happen!

5. The dancing

When people get drunk, the dancing usually only gets worse. Whether it’s the guy that lives across the hall from you doing the robot or it’s the girl in the room above trying to slut drop, people’s awful drink dancing is often very unforgettable, although also very entertaining.


10 Unforgettable Things You May Witness At A College Party

6. The person that can’t be stopped

There’s usually someone that just won’t be stopped when it comes to drinking – it’s always “just one more drink”. They’ll get through a truly incredible amount of alcohol and somehow still be standing at the end of the night and it really is unbelievable.

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7. The couple in the corner

It’s nice to be in love don’t get me wrong, but there will always be that one corny couple that will sit in the corner and try to eat each other’s faces throughout the entire party, as if there isn’t a whole party going on around them.

8. The bitchy girls

Most parties will have a group of bitchy girls that will travel around in a pack, looking for other girls to ridicule or just generally, be bitchy towards. It happens, and it’s always frustrating to see.

10 Unforgettable Things You May Witness At A College Party


9. The competitive people

Where there are drinking games, there will always be at least one person that will take the drinking games way too seriously and things will likely end badly. It’s just a game, guys!

10. The people that have to be carried home, literally

You’ll usually see at least one person passed out on the floor or having to be carried out of the party by their friends. Just make sure that if it’s one of your friends that’s passed out that you make sure they get home safe!

So, even if you think you’ve seen it all, you might just be surprised by some of the things you could witness at a college party. Why not let us know in the comments one thing you witnessed at a college party that you’ll never forget!

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