5 Underrated European Cities For A Perfect City Break

Europe, my home continent, and a continent which I will never tire of exploring. Europe is historical, beautiful, and enriched with so much culture. I was lucky to have been brought to some amazing European Cities throughout my childhood by my family, and to have lived in some amazing European Cities. But Europe, of course, is more than the major tourist spots – while Paris, Barcelona and Rome, are incredible in a way that is entirely breathtaking, there are other European cities that get forgotten as a result. Here’s a list of five of my favourite underrated European Cities, to break out of the touristy norms.

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Maastricht is a University city on the southern tip of the Netherlands, with all the beauty and history of Amsterdam with less chaos (and less stoned college students). Go to the Cathedral, rent a bike and ride around the City Park and soak up all of the beautiful surrounding nature, and visit the book shop in a church in the centre. Sample local food and wines, while wandering the beautiful city streets and marvelling at the architecture. A truly incredible European City, perfect for a city break.

Leuven, Belgium

Leuven is an incredible city, rather quieter than Brussels, but just as fascinating. Go to the Stadhuis,  The Grand Beguinage and peruse the market. Explore cathedrals, the university campus, beautiful museums, wonderful parks, and finish the day off with a cool pint of Stella Artois and some waffles. Eat outside and in the cities beautiful court yards, try street food, sample Belgian chocolates and bask in the sunlight as you explore this truly incredible European city. It will have you reaching for study abroad brochures in no time.

Ronda, Spain

I visited Ronda for a day while I was in Spain a few years ago and it is an amazing city. It has incredible landscapes, beautiful architecture, incredible museums and amazing food. Situated in the beautiful region of Andalusia, Ronda is a must visit on a trip to Spain. Try gambas at a restaurant in a beautiful side street, drink sangria, and look out across the Puento Neuva in the centre of Ronda. An incredible, and truly underrated European city.

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Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is often overlooked next to Scotland’s capital Edinburgh, but I would firmly argue it is the perfect place for a European City break. From the wealth of culture in the Gallery of Modern Art, Kelvingrove Museum and the beautiful Kelvingrove Park and Botanical Gardens, to live music at the Barrowland Ballroom to some of the best bars and restaurants in the United Kingdom, you won’t get a better place for a city break than Glasgow. I am incredibly biased, as I lived in Glasgow for a large portion of my teens, but I just think it is an incredible place, and it is somewhere that everyone should visit once in their life. Go for a drink on Ashton Lane, eat in the Merchant City, and spend a day getting lost in the Botanical Gardens. One of the most incredible European Cities.

Porto, Portugal

Porto is a costal city in north west Portugal. It is a beautiful, historic European city, and perfect for a few days vacation, particularity if you want to be sporting a tan by the end. It is the second largest city in Portugal. Ride the tram, explore rooftop gardens, and sample, the local port wine. Spend a day exploring the cities beautiful churches and marvel at the cities incredible architecture.

Have you ever been to Europe? Is there an underrated European City you would like to visit? Let us know in the comments!

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