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15 Underrated Destinations To Visit This Summer

15 Underrated Destinations To Visit This Summer

Choose where to go this summer from our selection of the most underrated destinations! Have fun with your friends and family!

Summer is just around the corner, and you are probably planning your holidays. Most of you will choose to go abroad either to see family, or to have fun with friends somewhere sunny. Spain, South of France, Italy… such are the places favoured by holidaymakers. However, perhaps is it time to change your destination and go for something more exotic and unusual – often overlooked because not advertised enough- and affordable. Sometimes, you want to avoid places overcrowded with tourists.

Here are our selection of 15 underrated destinations to visit this summer.

1. Naarden, Holland

Located just 30 minutes from Amsterdam, Naarden’s particularity is that it has a shape of a star. Explore its 16th century architecture, and discover another side of Holland. The average price per person in a restaurant is about 30 euros. The average price per night for one person in a double room or a hostel is 60 euros.


2. Pag Island, Croatia

Pag Island is reputed for its lunar shape, its cheese and lace. The average price for a meal per person in a restaurant is around 13 euros. The cost of a night in a double room is around 30 euros.

3. The Azores, Portugal

The Azores are one of the two independent islands of Portugal. It is graced with beautiful landscapes, and hides volcanos, lakes, fishermen’s villages and waterfalls. The average cost of a meal per person in a restaurant is around 15 euros. The price of a double room for one person is on average around 25 euros.

4. Salzkammergut, Austria

The lake Hallstattersee is known to be the ‘Perl of Austria’ and is located at the heart of Salzkammergut. It is connected to an old railway station that links the Hallstatt village to the mineshaft salt. The average price for a meal per person in a restaurant is around 25 euros. The price of a double room in the area is around 35 euros per person per night.


5. Medina & Zebbug, Malta

Malta has a rich medieval legacy. Medina has big palaces and baroque architecture, whereas Zebbug has an Arabic influence to it and is reputed for its big celebrations, the ‘festa’ that can last as long as 3 days. The average price for a meal per person is around 25 euros for a restaurant. The cost of a night in a double room is around 25 euros.

6. Asturias & basilica of Covadonga, Spain

Asturias is a region located in the north of Spain and is one of many hidden wonders of Europe. The use on the basilica of Covadonga is absolutely fabulous.

Located near the splendid Gascogne Gulf, this region is known for its beautiful beaches, its cookery and its hiking. It is also one of the most important Spanish historical sites . The average cost of one meal for one person is 18 euros. The cost of one night per person is on average 25 euros.


7. Mimizan Plage, France

Mimizan Plage is a beach paradise located in the South West of France. The waves are high, and adrenaline seekers go there to surf. Absolutely beautiful, it is surrounded by woods. Tourists from Holland and Northern countries like to holiday there. However, it is not overcrowded even during the peak season. To be honest, Aquitaine as a region is a beautiful place.

8. Great Ocean Road, Australia

This road of South of Australia was built by soldiers at their return from the First World War – and it is one of the most beautiful in the world. The best vue is the one from the national park of Port Campbell.

9. Queens Town, New Zealand

Located in the South Island of New Zealand, Queenstown is a charming town built around Wakatipu lake, that is attractive especially to adrenaline seekers.

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10. Guam, USA

This little island is attached to the USA and belongs to the Marianne archipelago. It is well-known amongst Japanese tourists, who appreciate its natural beauty. The culture and the island’s landscapes are very appealing.

11. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the  pretty capital city of Slovenia. Very dynamic, it is a nice city to visit. Stroll near the river that leads you to Dragons’ bridge or the Saint Nicholas Cathedral. Visit the castle- Ljubljanski grad. Go and have a drink in the cultural centre on Metelkova street, located in an old military building.


12. Kizhi Islands, Russia

Located on Onega lake, the island is blessed with a beautiful church – the church of transfiguration- that has no less than 22 domes. The historical village of Yamka and its wooden houses are also worth the visit.

13. Liechtenstein

Located between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is one of the richest and one of the smallest countries in the world. It seems to have come out out of a fairytale, with its huge mountains, its luxurious landscapes and old castles. It is ideal for people in love with outdoors activities.

14. Giola’s Natural Pool

This natural pool is located in the region of Astris in Greece. You’ll need to hike a little to reach it, and once you reach it you’ll enjoy its very clear water.


15. Amiens, France

Amiens has a lot of sites on the list of UNESCO, notably the beautiful cathedral of Norte-Dame of Amiens. It is well reputed with its artistry, parcs, gardens, lakes.

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