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15 Unbelievably Frustrating Things Only Girls Will Understand

15 Unbelievably Frustrating Things Only Girls Will Understand

These frustrating things can only be understood by girls. Here is our list of our top girl problems that you can probably relate to.

Let’s face it, men and women come from two different worlds, and there are things the opposite side will just never understand. Here’s 14 unbelievably frustrating things only girls will understand.

1. Walking down the street and your period starts

You go into the nearest Starbucks to use the toilet, but they’ve got that stupid code on so you can’t get in. You’re doing the ‘my periods just arrived’ cross-legged-wobble-stand, clenching hard to avoid leakage. You wait until the girl in front leaves and you slink on in there.

You’re sat on the loo thinking “thank GOD. Not this time Mother Nature!!” You open your bag and, oh yes, there are no pads or tampons lingering in there. And there’s no dispenser either, “why do I never learn?”


Metres of rolled up toilet paper in the panties it is then. *thumbs up emoji*

2. Figuring out the pro’s and con’s of wearing a bra today

Is it cold out? Will I get stiff nips?

Will this show through my white top?


Will the padding underneath give me boob rash?

Are my boobs too perky in this? (They’re up to you chin)

This is going to dig into my chubby underarms and annoy me all day, isn’t it?


3. You’ve just finished painting all of your nails flawlessly and it all goes to shit

You’ve been painting for a good hour, and the worst happens: you need to go to the toilet. You go to the bathroom and attempt to pull your jeans down without actually touching them. Of course that doesn’t work, so you’re left sat on the loo with sparkly pink nail polish all over your legs and your hands.

Can’t blame a gal for trying.

4. Loosing one of your earrings just before going out

Why is it always your favourite earring too?


5. That one chin hair that never gives up

You’ve named her Sandra, because you’ve seen her so often. She’s been there in the tough times and the good. No matter how many times you pluck or shave, Sandra will always be back.

6. Forget your lipstick after applying it at home

All girls will understand the turmoil of going to the club bathroom for a spruce up, only to realise you forgot your lipstick. The only one you have in your bag is the dried-up nude one from 2010. Ew.

7. Sizes in shops are NEVER the same

You’re a size 6 in MANGO, a size S in Urban Outfitters, a size M in Zara, a size 12 in Topshop, a size 10 in Marks and Spencers, a size 14 in Primark and an Age 13 in New Look.


Makes complete sense.

8. Blowing your nose when you’re out in full make-up

One blow and your whole face is on the tissue, leaving a lovely red nose and oily chin on show. This always happens when you’ve had a really good make up day too. RIP to beautiful me.

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9. Thinking twice about walking down a street when you see more than one man on it

Walking down the street in the dark is like doing the ski slalom. Every time you see a dark figure you cross to the other side of the street. And then you go back again when another one appears. And then you venture back again to avoid the next one.

Oh, to be a woman and feel safe in the twenty-first century!

10. Making best friends you never see again in the girls toilets

“OH MY GOD, your lipstick is AMAZING. Is it Mac? I bet it’s Mac. Its the Patrick Starr line isn’t it? It definitely is. WOW GAL you’re working it tonight! Add me on Facebook, add me on Facebook!”


She didn’t add you on Facebook and you never saw her again. It was nice while it lasted though.

11. Changing your outfit 100 times before going out

You’ve been looking forward to this night out all week, and you planned your outfit days ago. But, for some reason it just doesn’t look right. After approximately 26 outift changes, you end up jumping in the taxi wearing the exact outift you’d planned from minute 1.

12 .Running out of hair removal cream after the first leg and second armpit

You’re just going to have to rock the lopsided look. Real woman are hairy anyway.


13. Where do all my Kirby-grips go?!

Nobody knows, and I don’t think anyone ever will.

14. Eyeliner attempt number 896 anyone?

There’s black stained face wipes all over the floor, the corners of your eyes are red raw, and your spirit is broken. “Call the whole night off, I’m not coming!”

What are some frustrating things you think only girls understand? Have you experienced any of these frustrating things? Tell us in the comments!
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