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The Ultimate Wardrobe Essentials Checklist Of 2018

To think that we’re already half way through 2018 comes as quite a shock, as it feels like yesterday that we were celebrating the new year. As we’re at the half way point, we thought it would be a good idea to start looking at some of fashion’s highlights from 2018. Starting with the Oscars, we had beautiful celebrities in beautiful ball gowns, and the Met Gala followed suit but with an ethereal, religious twist. But for those (the majority of the world) who won’t be attending those events what can we say has been a fashion highlight or essential in our wardrobe? As we probably won’t be attending any Gala’s anytime soon, it’s worth looking at what has been essential to our clothes collection this year, instead of what’s been our favourite piece. Here’s our list of some of the wardrobe essentials to have in your closet for the rest of 2018.

Rainbow Stripes

Gone are the days of monochrome, 2018 has been the year of fulfilling our technicolour dreams, and rainbow prints have been seen on everything from knitwear to accessories. We love this simply rainbow coloured top from Stradivarius but sold on ASOS.


While this is a controversial piece, and people often love it or hate it, we love it. They’re great for lengthening and slimming your legs, and make your bum look round and peachy! They’re the perfect pair of trousers to wear into autumn, and we love the fact you can get these flares from Pretty Little Thing in lots of different colours! This matching set is one of the wardrobe essentials that is neutral and basic.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you’re going to be wearing any sunglass shape this summer, it’s definitely going to be a Cat Eye. These style of sunglasses are everywhere, from high end designers to high street stores. We love this adorable pair of sunglasses from Monki.

Wrap Skirts

This summer, mini skirts are out in favour of midi wrap skirts, get them in bright summery colours and bold prints to make your outfit stand out. We love this green Topshop skirt as the asymmetric front shows off a bit of leg, in a classy way! This is one of the wardrobe essentials that is comfy and cute.

Chunky Trainers

Our feet have been forever thankful that trainers has become a cool fashion piece, and they’re still here to stay. To be in trend this year, opt for a chunky retro style trainer, instead of your usual slim shoes. We love these futuristic style Nike trainers, as they’ll make your outfit instantly cool.

Midi Dress

2018 has been the year to move away from wearing short, liberating clothing, and to move towards longer, more conservative styles. We love this paisley printed dress from Zara, the colours and the silhouette of the dress are still very feminine despite there being lots of fabric.

Hoop Earrings

This classic earring has been reclaimed in 2018 as a fashionable essential to your outfit. Nothing can piece a look together more than a pair of hoop earrings, and we love how you can get any size or colour to fit your mood. We love these gorgeous pair by Kenneth Jay Lane, as they’re the perfect size and gold tone to fit with any outfit.

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Suit Skirt and Blazer Combination

We’re taking inspiration from Cher Horowitz, and reliving our 90s dreams through matching suit skirts and blazers. It’s an easy way of making yourself look put together without really putting any effort in. This ASOS floral blazer and skirt two piece is enough of a statement to do all the work for you.

Straw Bags

This summer the straw bag is the bag to give your outfit a Mediterranean vibe without going there. We love this Topshop Straw Tote because it’s perfect for a day in London, or for a day in the Amalfi Coast sipping Aperol Spritz’s! Straw bags are amazing wardrobe essentials for summer outfits.

Boxy Jeans

Skinny jeans have been left back in 2012, and we’re now only wearing comfortable jeans that don’t squeeze us to numbness. The key to this trend; the wider the leg, the better. We love these fern green Monki jeans, and they’re super comfortable too.

Which of these 2018 wardrobe essentials are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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