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The Ultimate University Of Essex Bucket List

The Ultimate University Of Essex Bucket List

Attending university is like getting lost in a sweet shop; there are all these options and different things to try out before you finally decide what to get. Similar to a sweet shop, there is something for everybody. However, just like Kit Kat and Cadbury, there are some things we all must try while attending the University of Essex. Here, I’ve given you the ultimate University of Essex bucket list.

1. Have a go at the Paternoster in Albert Sloman.

At some point in your university career, you will find yourself in the Albert Sloman Library. Unless you have a fear of elevators, no one can resist the charm of the old fashion paternoster to get around the different floors. Be careful not to go all the way to the top or bottom; the odds will not be in your favor, and neither will everyone else at the library.

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2. Spend an afternoon by the lakes.

The lakes by the Silberrad Student Center are the perfect place to unwind after a stressful day. Whether you are trying to get a tan or have a nice summer BBQ, this is the spot! You’re on the grass, looking out onto the lakes at the ducks; what could be more serene than that? Sidebar: This is the perfect place for a first date, with No. 64 around to provide food and drinks.


3. Subscribe to JustPlay!

Sports may not be your strong suit; they are definitely not mine. However, you still want to get active and fit. JustPlay is a program which organizes different sporting activities on campus to help you get a workout. The best part is, it’s free! All you have to do is book a spot and show up!

4. Go to Fed Night or Friday Night Project.

We all have those moments when we feel like we need to let loose and have a good time. Luckily, you don’t have to look too far. Sub Zero has Fed Night and Friday Night Project, running every week during term time – the best way to let your hair down, meet new people, and have a good time. Plus on Fridays, they have the photo booth, the most exciting part of my night!

5. Attend at least one Derby Day, Summer Ball, or The End.

At the University of Essex, we pride ourselves on being a diverse family. Similar to every family, we have events to look forward to every year. It may not be your typical holiday, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but we always have a good time. It is definitely an experience you will never forget, and isn’t that what university is all about?


6. Walk the Wivenhoe Trail.

The campus is surrounded by picturesque scenery. Perfect for running, or romantic or reflective walks to Wivenhoe town, only 40 minutes away. Enjoy the peace and quiet on the banks of the river. Plus, the lighting produces the best pictures of Wivenhoe’s faint skyline or farm life.

7. Attend a Think Series.

University is a time of self discovery. Part of your self discovery is knowing your interests and beliefs. The Think Series is an event which allows students to express their views on a range of topics from race, gender, sexuality, religion, political stance, and everything in between. You get the chance to broaden and share your perspective with other students.

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8. Add your mark to Top Bar or the Padlock Fence.

Whether you left your mark by creating a new hang out spot on campus, starting a new club, or scribbling on the walls of Top Bar, your mark remains forever. On your graduation day, tradition has it, you add a padlock to the fence by LTB and pass on a piece of advice to the next student through your heirloom. Just like any other family prized secret.

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9. Join a society.

There is more to university than education. On campus, there are various societies for you to join, created to fit your interests. Through societies, you get to meet like-minded people and participate in activities that interest you. At the end of it all, you walk away with a degree, an unforgettable experience, and lifelong friends.


10. Check out the Thursday Farmers Markets on the Squares.

If there is one way for all students worldwide to connect, it’s over how real the student struggle is. Money seems to be a fiction of my imagination. That was until I turned to smarter ways of spending my money. Weekly, there is a farmers market on the Squares. If you are looking to eat healthy or treat yourself, buy records, flags, or clothes; or just enjoy a day out. The Farmer’s Market has everything! It’s student budget friendly, and a must try!


Have anything to add to the University of Essex bucket list? Comment below!

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