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Your Ultimate Student Music Festival Guide For 2018

Your Ultimate Student Music Festival Guide For 2018

This student music festival guide 2018 edition is all you'll need for summer of festivities. Consult this guide for to do's, not to do's, to brings, not to brings and more!

This time last year I was preparing for my first-ever festival, Primavera, in Barcelona. I had a fantastic time, although our friend did get mugged (more on this later), and I did spend the day after the festival finished lying in my sweaty, sandy, hostel bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering if I’d ever feel joy again (more on this later). Thankfully this experience helped me come up with your ultimate student music festival guide 2018 edition.

Primavera is a city festival in a warm country, so the majority of the anecdotal pieces of advice in this festival guide will be catered towards the no-mud/no-rain/no-camping festivals. I’ll have a small checklist at the end of this music festival guide, though, for your general music festival needs. Although, considering I’ve only ever been to one, and at that one I did manage to get lost without even realising that I was, in fact, lost from all of my friends, take everything on this student music festival guide 2018 edition with a grain of salt.

I’m a bit of a type-A person

When it comes to being organised at events (I’ll happily take a change of top and a backpack in my canvas tote so I can change from the pub to a club if we decide on an impromptu night out), so in spite of never having actually been to a festival, I was the only one of our group who had the following in her backpack (important: take a backpack or a bumbag, something flat and hands-free, and take only what you can fit in there during the days). I also had made a colour-coded timetable before leaving, which some would say is mildly excessive. Anyway. This is the best student music festival guide 2018 edition.


Here is what did come in handy

Hand sanitizer (because toilets)

Tissues – and lots of them. One pack will not suffice (because toilets. Seriously. Even at a place like Primavera where they’ve fancy port-a-potties, things get gross at 4am. You want to at least mimic cleanliness.)

A portable phone charger (Your phone will run out of battery. It will. Come prepared).

Water bottle (Primavera and a few other festivals I’ve heard about actually don’t let you bring bottle caps in, so prepare for this when you’re going through security and slip that cap into your pocket).

A small torch (this actually came in super handy).

Nuts (you’re going to want a snack at some point. Or your friends will. And no one really fancies paying 8e for a small plate of nachos. Nuts are healthy and nutritious. Bring them.)


Now, I’m not saying sneak in alcohol but my bag did have a small mid-compartment that fit 3 150ml wine boxes. The security was lax. Do with that information what you please.

Some tips/tricks I should’ve done but didn’t

If you take away one thing from this student music festival guide 2018, make it this one. This is an obvious one, but don’t let a friend wonder off alone, and have designated meet-up points. Our friend got mugged at Primavera last year, and the phone signal at festival sites is terrible enough as is so finding anyone will take forever. Even if you’re going to the toilet, take a friend with you.

Have smoothies/juice at your hostel/AirBnB/tent/wherever you’re staying. And make sure it’s the real stuff, too – none of that sugary crap. Your appetite will be fucked by the end of the festival, and you’re going to feel like shit because you’re not eating, drinking loads, and staying up all night. Smoothies and juice are a good way to get some vitamins and calories in you without making you feel like you’re about to vomit – I didn’t figure this out until the day after Primavera ended when I realised that I couldn’t stomach more than two bites of a bread roll. Bananas will work too, but in all honesty those were a struggle to get down.


Multivitamins and 5-HTP supplements: the former because, well, vitamins, and the latter because your serotonin levels will plummet by the end of the festival. You can get both at Holland & Barrett, and your body/brain will thank you for them when you’re sleep-deprived and hungover/on a comedown/both. Having these with me probably would’ve helped with the whole lying-in-bed-wondering-if-I’ll-be-happy-again thing. It got very dark. Do not recommend.

Various do’s/don’ts/what-have-yous

Do take the festival maps/download the app

(most festivals will have an app with set times and maps).

If you’re abroad download the map of the city on GoogleMaps/other map apps

You’ll be able to use these offline.


Do take sunscreen and drink enough water

Even if it’s not that warm, you can still get sunstroke/heatstroke/get dehydrated.

Do take a money belt to wear under your clothes because pickpockets.

You can get cheap ones from Amazon or Ebay.

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Do bring waterproof bags for your phone/food items.

Do bring baby wipes, deodorant, dry shampoo, etc.

Anything to make you feel clean (ish). Chewing gum, too.

Do hide some money in different places, in case you do get pick-pocketed.

Do bring comfortable shoes

And one more change of clothes that you think you might need if you’re camping.

Do take a hat if you’ll be out in the sun all day.

Do bring earplugs and an eye mask if you’re camping.

Do make sure you’ve a jacket of some sort

Evenings can get cold.


Don’t do what I did and just not eat

You will regret this later. You’ll be up all hours, so try and get a few solid meals in.

Don’t forget to take your makeup off after the night

The least you can do to your skin is sort of clean it.

Don’t take anything you’ll mind losing, breaking or getting stolen.

Don’t wear a romper/jumpsuit.

Yes, they look good. Yes, they are a quick, easy outfit. No, no you don’t want to pee in them when you’re drunk. Especially if you can’t find a toilet. Take it from a girl who has had to do this. Don’t be me.


Let us know what you think of this student music festival guide 2018 edition in the comments below!

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