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Ultimate Ranking Of Coventry University Student Accomodations

Ultimate Ranking Of Coventry University Student Accomodations

Even though at Coventry University we're lucky to be a city campus and all the accommodations are close-by, it is still a difficult decision where to live.

Moving away from home and to university is a big change. Choosing where to live without your parents for the first time is a tough choice. Even though at Coventry University we’re lucky to be a city campus and all the accommodations within a fifteen-minute walk, it is still a difficult decision where to live, especially since everyone is very different. So from Raglan to Millennium here is the ultimate ranking of Coventry University student accommodations.

9. Priory Hall

In the last place is the oldest of all Coventry University accommodations, Priory Hall. Is it a University building? Is it deserted? Or is it an old people home? Who knows. Despite being refurbished inside it’s still pretty naff. And even though the idea of being catered for every meal sounds quite good we can’t imagine having to trek to and from The Hub three times a day.

8. Singer Hall

Narrowly avoiding the bottom spot is Singer Hall and probably the most controversial of all the halls. You either love or hate it. Singer provides a lively community feel and is actually quite alright looking on the outside. Oh, and there’s the Singer cat that you’ll almost definitely see at least once when pre-drinking at Singer. However, we can’t condone sharing a bathroom with five strangers… Or the silverfish.


Ultimate Ranking Of Coventry University Student Accomodations

7. Raglan House

Here in seventh, we have the first of our Unite Student accommodations that Coventry University has to offer. When you first find out that all issues and services can be seen to through a mobile app you’re ecstatic. How easy! However, the app doesn’t actually work and there’s never anyone on reception. Good luck getting the parcel you ordered in time. Regardless, Raglan isn’t awful. Nice room, double bed and an ensuite for a reasonable price. You’re surrounded by a lot of the other accommodations but make sure to stay safe walking down Hood Street. You never know who or what you’ll bump into down there.

6. Liberty Point

You don’t often find someone who lives in Liberty Point but if you do you’re in for a treat. They always seem to be the most fun. Liberty is similar to Singer Hall other than here you have an ensuite. Thank god! Contents insurance, 24/7 onsite security and gym membership all for £153 per week. Decent!


5. Millennium View

Millennium View is very nice, we can’t deny that. Living here you’ll feel like a socialite rather than a student. But it feels like its a million miles away from all the other halls. Fancy a quick trip to visit your course friend who lives in Callice? Forget that. And they won’t be coming to you either. And damn that’s a tall building. Not fun when the elevator breaks down.

Ultimate Ranking Of Coventry University Student Accomodations

4. Apollo Works

The forgotten halls of Coventry University. In fact, I’m not sure anyone knows where it really is. And do not mistake it for Apollo House, they really hate that! Apollo has made it high up the list simply because it’s relatively modern and reasonably priced. That’s rare to come by.

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3. Cycle Works

We’ve all stood outside Cycle Works wishing we were allowed in. It has the ability to make you feel like an unwanted guest. Cycle is undoubtedly the most secure of them all, so good luck bringing a friend round, you’ll more than likely fail. If there was ever an accommodation to describe as stunning, Cycle Works is it. Nevertheless, it stands at number three because of its tight strictness.

2. Gosford Gate

You’re literally on top of Sainsbury’s! Do we need to say any more? Gosford Gate might be number one if we didn’t look at the price and want to cry.


1. Callice Court

Securing the top spot is the legendary Callice Court! The social hub of all Coventry University accommodations. Pres? Callice Court. Game of pool? Callice Court. Movie night? Callice Court. It’s always the place to be. It’s the perfect mix of Unite Student accessibility, fun, security and reasonable pricing.

Ultimate Ranking Of Coventry University Student Accomodations

Don’t agree with the rankings? Share your opinions in the comments!

Featured Image Source: campus/accommodation/accommodation-choices/singer-hall/