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The Ultimate Manchester Guide For Newcomers

The Ultimate Manchester Guide For Newcomers

Looking for the Ultimate Manchester guide? Discover the best spots we picked for you to fully enjoy Manchester! Check out our guide to the city!

You’re a Manchester newbie and you would like to know everything about your new home. As one of the major cities in England, Manchester has plenty to offer; from rich history to sports, a vast music legacy, wild nightlife and impressive gastronomic scene. It’s nearly impossible to get to know each part of the city and often, you will discover new places whenever you least expect it. We’ve put on an ultimate Manchester guide for newcomers with all the relevant places you need to start exploring to initiate your Mancunian baptism.

The Northern Quarter

This trendy neighborhooud, located in the heart of Manchester, is home to lively bars, clubs and buzzy music venues. The Northern Quarter has something for everyone, from independent retailers, coffee outlets, international cuisine and a great variety of vegan food. You will be stunned by the vibrant street art around the corner and charmed by all the cultural attractions.

Picadilly Gardens

This is probably one of most important landmarks in our Manchester guide. Found between Market Street and the edge of the Northern Quarter, Picadilly Gardens is the core of Manchester. Over there you can catch a bus to almost everywhere, find your nearest bank branch, go shopping at Primark or grab anything to eat. During sunny days, the green space is the perfect spot for hanging out and enjoying the sun rays.


Oxford Road

Easily one of Manchester’s most recognisable roads, and one of Europe’s busiest bus routes. For students, in particular, Oxford Road is a must-know as it also passes through the University of Manchester campus the All Saints campus of Manchester Metropolitan University. You can also find the Christie Hospital and Manchester Royal Infirmary.

The Curry Mile

If you’re a fan of South Asian and the Middle East cuisine, this is the place to go. The Curry Mile, aka part of Wilmslow Road, runs towards South Manchester and has about seventy restaurants, take-aways and kebab houses specialising in mouth-watering international cuisine.


If you ask any student in Manchester whereabouts do they live, there’s an 80% chance they will say ‘Fallowfield”. With a notoriously large student population, Fallowfield is a lively suburb, where you can find the University of Manchester’s main accommodation complex, the massive Platt Fields and plenty of food venues to cover your needs.

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Salford vs. Manchester

Not the same as Manchester! A very important thing to know is that Salford — even though it is part of the metropolitan borough of ‘Greater Manchester’ – is a city in its own right. You can pay a quick visit, as is a neighbour city a fifteen minutes bus ride away from Picadilly gardens.

Salford Quays

Located in Salford, this area is home of the biggest Greater Manchester landmarks: The Lowry Theatre, The Imperial War Museum and Media City. At night, the stunning view of the modern buildings and the canal make for an instagramable view.



One of those overlooked towns that nobody actually pays attention to but somehow know exactly where it is. Stockport, although far from the city centre and areas like Fallowfield, is a great place to go if you need to go shopping and not break your wallet. The Merseyway shopping centre is the perfect starting point!

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