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Ultimate Guide On How To Spend Your Birthday In Brighton

Ultimate Guide On How To Spend Your Birthday In Brighton

This Ultimate Guide On ow To Spend Your Birthday In Brighton is ideal when you just can't make up your mind. Pick one from our list and have fun!

Knowing what to do and where to go on your Birthday is a struggle for most of us, something fun (preferably), something laid back (no stress is welcome) but something everyone will be excited for. Brighton is the place.

This Ultimate Guide On How To Spend Your Birthday In Brighton covers all the bases, whether you’re looking for a wild boozy night out or what a sit-down meal with your closest friends, we’ve got you covered.

The World’s End

If you’re looking for a laughter-filled, entertaining night and are you’re not really one for the whole sit- down meal (how posh) then party on at World’s End.


There’s literally nowhere like it, ticking all the birthday essential boxes: food, games, alcohol and Instagram opportunities.

It has an escape room (enough said).


Bring Your Own Cocktails (get it). Giving you that 1920’s vibe from the vintage furniture to bespoke cocktail trolleys, it’ll make you feel fancy af.


With no alcohol of the premise (don’t worry, it gets good) you literally bring whatever spirits or alcohol you desire and right in front of you will the barman create a cocktail as if by magic.

64 Degrees

Boujee. That pretty much covers it.

Oh, and pricy…The price (sigh) is steep (would be an understatement) but it’s very hard to deny the quality of food and general atmosphere of the restaurant.


I’ve only been here once (obviously, my bank balance is still trying oh so hard to recover) and (before the cheque was handed to me) we had the BEST time and left feeling the best kind of full (you know the kind).

But… this place is perfect for a fancy sit-down meal for you and your friends to celebrate. Tucked away in the Lanes, not many people know it exists, so be the maverick and start the trend!

Cabaret Brighton

Nothing says happy birthday like a burlesque and cabaret show (and great food and drink). This is definitely more a party atmosphere, a good first base if you’re looking to go ‘out-out’ after.


It will definitely be a night none of you will forget (and i can almost guarantee none of your friends will have been before).

Musical Bingo

Don’t judge. No, Bingo is no longer for the senior members of our society. Not when you add loud music and booze. What could go wrong?

Everyone who has been here claims it to be the best night of their lives, and that is no exaggeration. Who would have thought? I definitely didn’t realise how crazy (and kind of out of hand, in a good way) bingo could be.

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All I’ll say is, don’t bash it till you’ve tried it.

The Tempest Inn

Rated the number one bar in Brighton by literally everyone… The cool cave interiors (yes cave) certainly stand out against the remaining clubs and pubs along the sea front.


It feels like some exclusive bar only you and a select few know about.

And when you’re ready to break out in song and dance (which won’t take long) the huge space upstairs caters for all your party needs.


Not looking for anything too wild, and preferably during daylight hours. I save the best till last. Having a show dedicated to them is the first sign of quality (quality chocolate).


Everything is chocolate. You didn’t realise the architectural power until now.

Whether it’s a birthday or not, you have to go here.

Birthday’s are hard, it’s sometimes easier to just hand over the responsibility and let someone else do the hard work. This guide might be just that for you.

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