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The Ultimate Glossy Eyelids Makeup Tutorial You’ve Been Missing Out On

The Ultimate Glossy Eyelids Makeup Tutorial You’ve Been Missing Out On

Want to find the perfect glossy eyelids makeup tutorial to follow the new glossy eyelids trend? Check out our tutorial to rock your glossy eyelids look!

Glossy eyelids are SO hot right now. Whether on the runway, in magazines, or simply on your insta feed, you’re sure to have seen someone rocking this dreamy, wet eyelids look. This is the perfect look to rock for summer as it’s actually so easy, and leaves you with a fresh, glowing look. So, if you feel like you’ve been missing out on this glossy eyelids makeup tutorial, read on and find out how you can recreate the look yourself!

1. Start off with an eye cream

First thing for this glossy eyelids makeup tutorial, prep your eye area with an eye cream. The key to pulling off the glossy eyelid look is a smooth canvas, as you don’t want your lids to be creasing or flaking for this look. Find an eye cream that will set in easily to prevent your eye area from getting too oily and making the product slip off.

2. Prime your face

Prime the rest of your face to blur imperfections yet still leave your skin looking quite natural. Opt for an illuminating or brightening primer. If you make your face too matte, it can look a little jarring against the glossy lids. The trick is to pair the eye look with dewy, glowing skin so that your entire face looks lit from within.


3. Conceal any dark spots

For this look, skip foundation. You don’t want to look overly cakey as the aim of this look is to place all the focus on your lids. In fact, this makeup looks really cute if you let your natural skin, like freckles, show through. However, it is still important to conceal shadows under the eyes so you look bright and awake. Of course, if you have any large blemishes that make you feel uncomfortable, such as large spots or acne scarring, go ahead and conceal those as well.

4. Use a sheer, creamy eyeshadow

Find a sheer, creamy eyeshadow formula to swipe all over your lids. Cream shadow works best as it will have a shiny finish that will mimic a wet look. Some recommendations are: Glossier Lid Star, Milk Makeup Eye Vinyl, and Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise.


5. Pile on the gloss!

Once you’ve added your sheer base colour, it’s time to go all-out with the gloss. Simply choose a clear lip gloss and swipe it all over your lids. It’s best to pat it on with your finger so that you can control the amount and prevent your eyelids from getting too sticky. Feeling lazy? Skip the previous step and go for a gloss that already has a colour (opaque works best) and swipe it straight onto your eyelids.

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6. Highlight your face

For this next step, add more glow to the rest of your face and prevent it from looking flat by highlighting the high points of your face. Again, a cream formula will work best as it will look more like your natural skin texture and will be more subtle than powder formulas. Skip highlighting your brow bone, as you’ve already got gloss there!


7. Choose the perfect lip colour

This look can go three different ways depending on the lip colour you choose. For example, you can choose to go for a lip colour that matches your own in a satin finish. This will achieve a natural, fresh look. Or, you can continue on the glossy path and opt for a bright, glossy lip — cherry red looks really good with looks like these. If you’re feeling extra bold, a deep plum or berry can make your glossy lids work really well for night time.

9. Spritz your face for extra dewiness

Final step for this glossy eyelids makeup tutorial, Lock in your makeup and prevent the gloss from sliding off your eyelids by using a setting spray. Find one with a natural to dewy finish so your skin will still be able to give off its natural glow. After this, you’re all done! Head out and show the world how you rock the glossy eyelids makeup look!

Would you consider this glossy eyelids makeup tutorial? Let us know in the comments below!

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