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The Ultimate Fall Bucket List For University Students

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List For University Students

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List For University Students

Whether you’re desperately clinging onto the last warm nights of the summer or you’re already counting down the days until Christmas morning, there is still a season that has things that everyone can enjoy… Prepare to fall in love with fall! Keep reading for the ultimate fall bucket list for university students!

1. Embrace the weather (AKA fall shopping trips!)

It seems the weather is already adopting the similar characteristics that everybody associates with fall… And it is time to start dressing for it! The changing of seasons is the best excuse to change up your wardrobe and as you’re deciding clothes to take to university, a shopping trip could be the best opportunity to make sure you have all the essentials (that means you definitely should invest in that new coat that you just need in order to get to and from lectures…)

2. Decorate your flat’s communal space.

Uni halls are not known for being the most aesthetically appealing places to live, therefore get into the spirit of Halloween and everything to do with fall! Decorating for the holidays is one of the most fun things on the fall bucket list for university students! Invite all the members of your flat to join you on a trip to your local supermarket to pick up the best looking pumpkins and have a competition as to who can carve the best face into it!


Caution: This can lead to you finding out a flat mate has some extreme pumpkin carving art talents and they’ll never let you forget about the time they carved that scene out of The Nightmare Before Christmas so perfectly…

3. Have a new fall experience at your local coffee house.

Everybody has that one drink that is introduced every season that they want to try but never do. You never know, a pumpkin spiced latte may be the best drink you ever try! Invite a couple of members of people on your course to join you for a drink in between lectures… This could help you to make strong connections with your course mates even a few weeks into university.

4. Join some societies that embrace the changing season.

Never tried photography, art or an activity that requires you spending more than 1 hour outside? Now’s your chance! Joining societies is brilliant for meeting new people early on into university and societies like photography that focus on the changing weather and colours of a new season like fall will give you a new experience of a potentially new hobby. Who knows, you might actually stick at it!



5. Make the most of your university’s surroundings.

Live on the coast? Grab some mates, a few blankets and a disposable BBQ and toast some marshmallows on the beach. Live near a forest? Investigate if there are any scary Halloween trail events or, better still, make your own! Live in a big city? Make the most of living near big retail shops, buy lots of spooky gear and host the best Halloween party at your flat!

6. Start some seasonal cooking!

There’s only so far those free Domino’s vouchers from Fresher’s fair will get you. Now you’re living away from your parents, learning to cook might be a great idea! What better than to try brand new recipes you might not have tried before! Bake pumpkin bread… Apple cupcakes… Pumpkin pie… Apple pie… You’ll be wanting the comfort food to get over that fresher’s flu that everybody eventually comes down with!


7. Take those Instagram photos that have people saying “Okay, but who took that?!”

You’re a fresher. A lot of first impressions will be made by viewing a profile picture for the first time after giving someone your name on a night out. That is why it’s important to have a profile picture that’s going to leave an impression. Go and find a massive pile of leaves and have a mini photoshoot with some friends and get the shots that will make everyone jealous!

8. Have a horror film day.

Fall is by far the best season for scary films. Get all your flat mates bundled into one room with lots of pillows and blankets (preferably the one with the best TV and the smallest amount of empty pizza boxes and dirty dishes) and have a horror film fest. My personal recommendations would be Would You Rather, any of the Saw films and for some great jump scares, The Woman in Black! (Or if some of your friends aren’t a fan of the horror there are some Harry Potter films with some Halloween scenes… Use these to break up the scare!)

9. Make a glitter pumpkin.

Yes, I didn’t know these were a thing earlier, but they look so great! And you don’t need to be studying art to make one! It’s very easy to make one of the best looking pumpkins ever to be seen around this time of year! A great (and messy) bonding activity for you and all your flat mates!


10. Go on a fall walk and discover your new home.

So maybe waking up and going for a walk when you’ve never felt so hungover in your life wouldn’t be everybody’s choice… But it will make you feel better! Cool air and pretty views is bound to make anyone’s sore head feel a bit better and it will also give you chance to scout out the next few places you’d like to go to give yourself another hangover.

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11. Factor in some cosy ‘you’ time.

Since moving in you would have been social most of the time as you meet new people and go to so many Fresher’s events. You’ve earnt some time for yourself! Enjoy an evening in bed cozied up in blankets with a good book and some hot chocolate. You’ll be surprised how having some personal down time will make you feel. (Your liver will thank you!!)


12. Stargaze!

Fall is the last season to stargaze on clear nights when the evening chill is manageable (you won’t want to be out late at night in winter, no amount of hoodies will get you through that!) After a stressful day of doing university work or just doing the day to day activities that you have to do to survive on your own it is a relaxing treat to watch the stars and put your day into perspective.


13. Go ALL OUT for a Halloween Fresher’s event.

No matter what university you attend, it is more than likely that there will be an official or unofficial event which requires Halloween fancy dress. Put in the effort and look the part! If going with a solo costume isn’t your thing, get some of your flatmates together and do the best group dress up you can because nobody likes someone who just draws cat whiskers on their face with eyeliner!


14. Halls Trick-or-Treat.

Let’s face it, most of us haven’t been trick-or-treating since we were at the socially acceptable age to go hand in hand with your parents. So why not bring the tradition to halls in a slightly different way? Perhaps go door to door with some sweets and have a catch up with friends new and old. Better still, get a few flats together and make a real life trick-or-treat situation in your university halls!

15. Start getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year…

As students, in the next couple of months it will be easy to become stressed with exams and essays being due. Therefore it may be a good idea to start thinking about Christmas (eek, I said it) arrangements early (i.e. Are you doing flat presents? When are you going home for Christmas? How will you be getting home?) This will save you from being stressed in the long run. You will most definitely thank yourself!

Is there anything we should add to the ultimate fall bucket list for university students? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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