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Ultimate College Checklist For College Dorms And Campus Living

Ultimate College Checklist For College Dorms And Campus Living

So you're making a college checklist to move to college, but what to take?!? Here is my list of college essentials for anyone living in a dorm.

So you’re moving to college and you don’t even know where to start with the packing, I mean, you may not even know what your campus is like!  But here is my ultimate college checklist for college dorms and campus living:

1. Pictures

The room that you move into is most likely going to be very similar to a prison cell, so to distinguish your room from your average prison the key is personality.  I’ll get into a few other ideas in a minute, but first on the list is pictures.  Print them off online and pin them on your pinboard and stick them on your walls to spice everything up.  If ticket stubs are your thing, they also work really well: it’s all about adding elements of you to that room.

Ultimate College Checklist For College Dorms And Campus Living


2. Cushions

More often than not your bed will also be your sofa, so you really need to make it somewhere not just comfortable to sleep but also somewhere comfortable to sit and live life.  A few scatter cushions are really cheap and can transform your bed during the day.

3. Cutlery

This sounds insane (I know), but if you are in self-catered accommodation many people forget the most basic of things.  It’s great to have 25 pots and pans but if you can’t eat anything then you really are screwed.  You can get cheap sets from just about any hardware store, so just pick one up next time you’re there.

4. Fairy lights

There’s a reason every college girl under the sun has fairy lights.  No one likes those neon strip lights first thing in the morning.  Grab a few battery-powered packs and some blue-tack and you’re good to go!


Ultimate College Checklist For College Dorms And Campus Living

5. Home Comforts

If you always read in the morning, don’t take no books with you to college.  You may be moving out but that doesn’t mean you have to throw away everything you already know! Try and keep some of your routines, it will help with homesickness.

6. Jewellery Stand

This sounds so extra but it’s not.  At home, you have drawers and places to hang all of your necklaces and stuff, but it won’t be the same at college.  Buying a jewellery stand can make things tidy and it also looks super cute.

7. Painkillers

Mom and Dad aren’t here to help you when everything goes to shit now.  If you have a headache, or you break your arm, it’s on you.  Buy some cheap painkillers from the supermarket before you go so you are prepared for most problems (and hangovers) that come your way.


8. Blankets

Take as many as you have.  Trust me, the next time you pull an all-nighter at the library you will definitely need it.  It also adds to that bed-feeling-like-a-sofa thing I mentioned earlier.


Ultimate College Checklist For College Dorms And Campus Living

9. Storage boxes

Unless you want your tampons, razors and face cleaner all jumbled together, that is.  You can buy them for just a couple of quid and they make you look like you have your whole life together. (It also helps you keep track of what you do/don’t have).

10. Bathroom caddy

Whether you share a bathroom or are lucky enough to have your own, get one of these.  Chances are there won’t be any space to put all of your bottles when you shower, so get one of these to make your job about 50 times easier.


11. Hooks

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have about 20 coats, so buy some hooks that hang over your door to hang them all up without breaking the rules of your tenancy and drilling and holes into the walls.

Are you moving into college soon?  What are you planning to take?  Let us know in the comments down below!

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