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The Ultimate Birmingham Bucket List

The Ultimate Birmingham Bucket List

If you'll be visiting Birmingham in the near future, then we've put together a great bucket list of different things in the city to check out!

People don’t often see Birmingham as a touristy place to visit when they come to the UK for a holiday or just to see a different city for a long weekend, that’s a huge mistake. Birmingham is packed with things all types of people can do and enjoy, here is a list of things you have to do when in Birmingham:


Famous Indian Food – Food is a big part of the city as Birmingham is famous for it’s Balti Triangle where you can find loads of restaurants serving things from curries to tacos. When you’re in Birmingham you have to go to a restaurant to try a curry, and the best part is that they’re not very expensive either.

Eat In Grand Central – Grand Centeral has just recently been built and with a huge John Lewis there is also a range of restaurants you can go to all serving different but amazing food, try Thai, Lebanese or even Mexiacan food all in one place!



Birmingham has the most amount of parks than any other city in the UK and they’re all beautiful.

Canon Hill Park – This park is very close to the city center and is so beautiful during the summer, it’s located in Edgbaston right opposite the cricket stadium. This park has a lake in the middle, tennis courts, a playground, sometimes a little funfair and even a little art gallery on the side, so this is a perfect place to go for a picnic in summer.

Botanical Gardens – Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens are also close to the city center and are beautiful to see during the summer. Home to a range of flowers, playground, tearoom and gift shop, this is the perfect place to relax surrounded by nature.


Licky Hills Country Park- Licky Hills is a bit further away from the city center but the drive is worth it because this is an amazing place to hike, go with family and for picnics.


Take Pictures In The Library Of Birmingham – The library is kind of overrated because it is just a library but having said that there is a view of Birmingham from the secret garden which you have to see, I’ll admit it’s not as exciting as London but you should go to take pictures. And if you’re a book worm then that’s even better for you because there are so many books, CD collections, magazines and much more.

Stratford Upon Avon – This technically isn’t in Birmingham but it’s very close and worth the visit. Stratford Upon Avon is the birth place of Shakespeare so there is a lot of history there but it also has a beautiful park and canal you can have a picnic, go rowing or visit the town center.


Drayton Manor – This again technically isn’t in Birmingham but it is close, Drayton Manor is a theme park which has rides for everyone, from thrilling roller coasters for adults to Thomas The Tank Engine rides for children. This is a great place to spend your day when in Birmingham and you have nothing else to do.

See Also

Art Gallery – The Birmingham Art Gallery is for all you arty people out there who want to spend your day relaxing or for when it’s raining outside (it’s England so that’s 90% of the time). They have amazing exhibitions and is walking distance to the library and city center.


Kids… and anyone who is still a child at heart

Cadbury’s World – Some would say this is just for children but they’re wrong because everyone loves chocolate and everyone would find Cadbury’s world exciting. Learn about the history of the world’s best chocolate, have some melted chocolate with your choice of sweets and get involved in the amazing activities.

Take A Step Back In Time In The Black Country Museum – The Black Country Museum is a living museum in which people can go and see what life was like in the Victorian times, meet the local shop keeper, see a real house from the time period, go down a mine and even visit a Victorian fun fair. This is a really fun place to go not only for children but for people who are interested in history and what life was like over a century ago.

West Midlands Safari Park – Animal lovers will enjoy a day out at the West Midland Safari Park where you can drive around and see loads of different types of animals and spend some time at the theme park afterward. There is also a mini zoo where you can get up close and feed some animals and take pictures with them.

Where are your favourite places to go in Birmingham? Tell us in the comments!
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