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Everything You Need To Know About The University Of Birmingham Party Scene

Everything You Need To Know About The University Of Birmingham Party Scene

Uni parties are no doubt a blast but it can be confusing trying to follow all the fun. Here's an ultimate guide to the University of Birmingham party scene!

Partying. It will probably take up about half of your time at uni, no lie. And if you’re a little party animal, then this guide will definitely come in handy. Below are the tips and tricks of experiencing all different kinds of parties at the University of Birmingham; courtesy of your very own experienced Birmingham party goer! Keep reading for everything you need to know about The University of Birmingham party scene!

FAB every Saturday night.

‘Fab n’ Fresh’ is the weekly Saturday club night at the University’s guild. It’s almost always sold out and definitely a must see and do event throughout your time at uni. There’s usually two rooms open in the guild that are generally absolutely packed. The upper floor houses the main bar and the more popular chart singalong music for those of you who fancy belting your drunken hearts out. Whereas the underground is the sweaty RnB arena where you can challenge pretty much anyone to engage in a furious dance off and they will accept your request. Brilliant.

Fab also has different themed nights such as ‘Festive Fab’ and ‘Fab n’ Halloween’ which are always rammed to bursting with the majority of the students at the uni. Everyone always goes all out with their costumes as well which makes the night so much more exciting and friendly.


Sports Night!

For those more athletically inclined and involved in one of the numerous sporting societies, then Sports Night at the guild is definitely for you. This is probably one of the messiest nights of the week as all of the competitive sporty people test each other in seeing who can drink the most, dance the hardest and last the longest. In the aftermath, the majority of them are crawling to the beds most likely blackout drunk and dreading the subsequent morning hangover but it’s worth it… kinda. Even if you’re not in a sports society, it’s easy to get tickets either off the university’s social Facebook pages or through friends that you make that can swipe you one from the society’s social secretaries for a decent price.


Broad Street’s Clubs

The main party strip in Birmingham harbours the finest clubs and bars to indulge your drunken fancies and partying needs while you experience the University of Birmingham party scene. From clubs such as Pryzm and Players to Popworld and 6 On Broad Street, there is definitely somewhere for you. Depending on what night you choose to adventure out into the partying wilderness, there will most likely be loud costumes, louder music and the loudest people you can imagine. Alongside the normal rowdiness, there are themed nights that take place over the entirety of Broad Street. The biggest ones are Nightmare on Broad Street that calls to all the creepiest characters in Birmingham and the St Patrick’s Day bar crawl that continues on into the night, catering to your hidden Irish sensibilities and new found love for Guinness.



Probably credited as the home of one of the best nights out of my entire life, Rainbow is the place to be when it comes to the University of Birmingham party scene. The biggest and baddest events are held here, bringing together the students of all the universities of Birmingham and all the brummy residents. Amalgamating every kind of person, these parties are definitely the best! The majority of these nights are themed such as; Cirque de Soul, The Haunting, and Speedy Sonics (which are always creating new themes).

Rainbow events are primarily all night into the early hours of the morning raving events, so if you’ve got the stamina, get on it! A must see and do, not only a brilliant partying experience, but visually they always put on a show. From circus trapezium performers, to fire breathers and aerial contortionists, your eyes will be darting all over the shop whilst attempting to keep up with the incredible sound systems and energetic crowd. THE RAINBOW VENUES IS A MUST, do yourself the favour and go!

Isn't rainbow the best part about the University of Birmingham party scene?



First year flat parties!

If you’re slightly more low key in your partying, then flat and house parties may be more up your alley. In first year, flat parties will be your thing. By joining the University of Birmingham Facebook page or your halls of residents’ pages, you’ll be able to keep up with all the parties going on in the area. Sometimes these may just be a big pre drinks in preparation for a night out or an all-night party, as long as you’re pretty easy going and willing to chat to some strangers then it’ll be a breeze. These are generally quite relaxed unless the number of students grow exponentially and spill out into the corridors. I’ve been to quite a few ‘relaxed’ flat parties that have ended up being shut down by the accommodation’s security so expect the unexpected!


Second and third year house parties.

In second and third year, house parties are more recurrent than anything else. Again people will generally post on different Facebook pages advertising parties that are set to be pretty massive. You can usually just show up and join in the fun or hold your own if you don’t mind the clean-up duties afterwards. I usually would choose a house party over a night out (unless it’s Rainbow), but be kind and tell your neighbours first if you plan to hold one, as a vibrating house next to your bed isn’t the nicest before a 9am the next morning if you’re not prepared for it.

So there you have it, a pretty in depth analysis of the University of Birmingham party scene. Students as a species generally go all out in their partying, especially in the costuming, so prepare for some of best nights out and parties. The majority of the people you will meet at uni are also ridiculously friendly so who knows which new friends will lead you onto a new realm of partying!

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