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The Ultimate Guide To The Party Scene at UCLan

The Ultimate Guide To The Party Scene at UCLan

The party scene at UCLan is something that should not be missed, with a student night every day of the week it truly is spectacular! So keep reading for the ultimate guide to a week at UCLan and our party scene!


The night starts early with Pre-drinks in my hall kitchen, living in Roeburn Halls our kitchen was often used as the place for pre-drinks as we had the biggest kitchen and I had the best flat mates. At around 11pm the security guys come up asking when you are planning on going, trust me the right answer is now! They are one of the reasons why Roeburn is the best hall, it may not seem like it but by them coming up to your flat they are stopping you from getting formal complaints that do effect some courses.

Depending on where you are will determine if you walk or get a taxi but what won’t change will be where you are going because it’s Monday which only means one thing- Monday Mayhem at Cameo.



Monday Mayhem at Cameo

Monday Mayhem is a rite of passage as a UCLan student and once you have been, you will most likely be hooked! Monday Mayhem has something for everyone, with two rooms in Cameo playing RnB, hip hop and chart toppers you can dance to your hearts content. If this is not the one for you then vinyl may be more for you, personally I love this room. Vinyl plays musicals, 90’s pop and pure cheese which is just the best type of music to start the week dancing to.


So to shake things up for pre-drinks today we go to IQ common room, this allows for more people to come as it is so big. However, do be warned if you choose to go to IQ for pre-drinks, their security guards are not Roeburn ones! Also the common room requires that you tidy the bottles before you leave or the people who live there will be called up on it. Remember all of the Pre-drinks that I write about, so please don’t just turn up at these halls.


Source of the Karaoke

Or you can start your night at Source for the Karaoke, you will probably hear “My heart will go on” about 20 times but trust me it is worth it. If you enjoy singing and just having a laugh with mates then this is the place to be and I would recommend getting up and singing regardless on how well you think you sing.

Warehouse Day

Tuesday is Warehouse day, Warehouse is the furthest club from campus but it’s definitely worth it. Each floor plays different music, this changes so I tend to walk through all floors and then decide which one to stay on or which ones to move between.

Baluga’s Two’s Up Tuesday

However, if RnB is more for you then I recommend Baluga’s Two’s up Tuesday. With great music and a great dance floor then you can’t get any better.


Depending on what you have planned for Wednesday morning when the club closes at 2am, there are places to go if you’re up for and after party.


Blitz is less known by students but if you are into 80’s and 90’s music then you will love their themed nights. With it being open till 6am on Wednesday so you have plenty of time to continue the party. If you do last till 6am, then you will be justly rewarded with McDonald’s breakfast instead of the usual kabab or pizza.


You have survived to the middle of the week and that is something to celebrate, so pre-drinks at Lawson Halls! Lawson Halls are the closest ones to town allowing you to save money on a taxi as it’s only a 5 minute walk to town, once you know the way. By now you probably noticed how every night starts with pre-drinks, as a student this becomes a must and allows you to only have to buy one drink whilst out on the town.


Epik Wednesday at Evoque

Epik Wednesday at Evoque is the best place to be. With two floors you can choose between RnB or house and with four bars you never have to wait long for a drink.

Sports Societies Social Night

Wednesday is also known for being sports societies social night so be warned you will see people looking ridiculous and more often than not guys in dresses.

Pop World

As it is such a busy night, Pop World is also good on a Wednesday if cheesy music is for you.



On Thursday we head to Boston Brothers A.K.A Rift after Pre-drinks of course. Pre – drinks today are at Whitendale Halls, they often get a bad reputation but for a small Pre-drink then you can’t really go wrong, with it being in the middle of campus and easy for everyone to get to.

Boston Brothers

Boston Brothers is the place to be on a Thursday, it plays all types of music so really is the night for everyone. With it being 99p entry and drinks, it’s a night that you can still enjoy even towards the end of a semester when loan starts to dwindle and £20 needs to last a month rather than a day.


Before being a student this would have been the day you really start, the end of the week, the first day of the weekend. Many people say that the weekends should be avoided as it is when the locals are about but I disagree, some of my best nights out are on the weekend as you can be sure that the clubs won’t be dead.


*Top Floor* of Warehouse

Friday night starts in an IQ kitchen, they are often quite spacious so you can have a decent Pre-drinks. Warehouse is different on a Friday from a Tuesday, they still have the three floors with different music but again I would walk up to the top floor seeing what was playing on each floor. Warehouse is one of the smaller clubs so it tends to get really hot after a while so you will probably find yourself outside in the smoking area. Of all the smoking areas I think that Warehouse’s may be the best, with a chilled out atmosphere it’s a great place to have a sing song, meet new people and just have a laugh.


Moor Lane is where we go for Pre-drinks today, now the kitchen size is decent and the security are really nice but getting to the flat is the price you have to pay for the kitchen space. If you have ever been to Moor Lane you will understand, it is known for its security but this just means a lot of doors to get through and a maze like structure.

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So after Pre-drinks on a Saturday night I head to warehouse to start the night as no matter what time you get there it will be packed full of people ready to have a laugh. After we have been in warehouse for a while we tend to then head to Evoque at around 2am when we know it will be busy. Or if we are looking for a classier night out then we head to Baluga (be warned it does have a dress code on a Saturday so no trainers).
Once Evoque closes if you are not ready to go home quite yet then Loft is the place to go. Being open till 6am it allows you to finish the night off seeing the sun rise whilst eating a McDonald’s breakfast.


As it is a Saturday everywhere is open for business but not student nights so they are more expensive, so depending on where you prefer will determine where you go on Saturday. I have experienced every night in this guide so for Saturday I am writing about what I do, one thing I will say is Cameo now has a student night on Saturday but I have never been so if you have, comment below and let me know how it is.


Also Source has a quiz on Saturday nights, again I have never been so let me know what you guys think of it.



The last (or first) day of the week is Sunday and in Preston that only means one place: Popworld. For the last Pre-drinks of the week we go to Ribble Halls, definitely one of the smaller halls but if you are close to the other people on your floor then you can open both flat doors and have a great floor pre party.


Ribble to Popworld

From Ribble you will most likely get a taxi to Popworld as they are far from each other so do bare that in mind when you are planning on leaving for the night.


*Pro Tip

Also if you need to get a taxi home and you find yourself stuck with no cash left ring AAA taxis who will take your student id as a deposit and then the next day you can go to their office and pay the fare to get your card back.

Cheeky Sunday at Popworld

Cheeky Sunday at Popworld is great, cheesy songs are just what you need to get you ready for the week ahead.

Now enjoy the UCLAN night life!


What are some other tips for our student readers about the UCLan night life? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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