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10 UK Summer Travel Destinations You Probably Didn’t Think Of

10 UK Summer Travel Destinations You Probably Didn’t Think Of

Being your best friend, we know that picking a UK summer travel spot is tough. Therefore, we've made this list for you! Enjoy!

As the summer is fast approaching, now it is the perfect time to start planning where you’ll go in the near months. That is if you pass your exams, obviously. We’re joking! Of course, you’ll pass! It’s almost May and because we’re so excited about our summer vacations already, we decided to make this list of 10 UK summer travel destinations you’ll definitely love. Now, keep reading.

1. Dundee

I bet you expected the first suggestion to be in England. But our list says ”UK”, so I’ve made sure there are enough destinations from all of the countries! After all, there are all beautiful. So, why should you pick Dundee? Scotland is a very friendly and lovely place and Dundee is the perfect coastal city for a getaway. It has museums, art galleries (if you’ve read my other articles you’ll know I’m a hardcore museums fan), it’s green, beautiful and full of stunning architecture!

2. Inverness

As it seems, we’re just going as North as possible. Mind you, because of Game of Thrones’ latest episode, I’m feeling quite fond of the North, so naturally, our second suggestion is in Scotland too. FYI, Inverness is beautiful. The city has hills, there’s a river going right through its middle, it’s sunny. Additionally, it will provide you with some not-so-hot weather in the summer months, so it’s a great spot for anyone who despises the 30 degrees heat. What else could you want?


3. Lake District

Okay, we’re back in England now. Although the third suggestion in our UK summer travel list is not a city itself, it’s still an ideal spot for families who love visiting nature or couples who like backpacking or exploring together. There’s plenty of stunning greenness and we’re certain you’d like it (unless you’re a beach fan, duh).

4. York

Ah, York! A stunning place that has preserved its charm. If the fact that the cathedral there is built in the 13th century isn’t enough to win you, there’s also the Shambles – York’s special treat for its tourists. Full of old buildings still keeping their spirit, it has various tourist shops and kind of reminds me of Diagon Alley, tbh.

5. Lincoln

Ladies and gents, we’re slowly going more and more south, I hope you’re excited! Lincoln is a fantastic and preserved city. Similarly like York, Lincoln also has its own old cathedral – Lincoln Cathedral with books printed in a Wren-designed library. The whole city has a unique atmosphere.


6. Norwich

This is point 6 of our UK summer travel list. You still here? We’re looking at Norwich, a city that’s on the very, very east end of England. It’s known to be one of the safest cities in the UK, full of preserved buildings and – you guessed it – museums, galleries and a cathedral!! Side point, Prince William and Kate live around the area, so if it’s good enough for them, it’s certainly good enough for you, don’t be picky!

7. Swansea

As mentioned before, we’re listing cities from all of the countries, so it’s Wales’ turn now and we’re looking at Swansea! I was actually quite close to going there for my Bachelor’s degree, I think about that missed chance often. Swansea is a lovely sea city, it has boats and clean water, so if you’re feeling brave you can give it a try and swim a little bit.

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8. Bangor

Northern Ireland, here I come. Or so I hope. You might have thought you won’t see Northern Ireland on the list, or that if you did it would have been Belfast. However, I like to put slightly more effort into my articles, so I selected Bangor as a UK summer travel destination for you. I might be repeating myself but it is beautiful. Sea, a great city, trees. What else is needed?

9. Canterbury

South, South we go. Canterbury is a good place for those who want to be close to the big city – London. In addition, Canterbury has its own version of the Venice canals and they’re adorable! It’s a classic English example of a wonderful, small city.

10. Isle of Man

Be the coolest of the coolest and go to the place that no one would expect you to. Isle of Man! Before you think ”What the hell am I gonna do there”, look up some photos and see how beautiful and relaxing the place is. Besides, knowing it’s not the most popular tourist spot, you can guarantee yourself it won’t be overcrowded (ahem, London, looking at you).


What did you think of our UK summer travel list? Was it quirky enough? We did put some effort into making it as not as basic as possible. Don’t forget to share with us your favourite cities in the UK below!

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