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The Typical Day of A University of Huddersfield Student

The Typical Day of A University of Huddersfield Student

Have you ever wondered what a typical day looks like for a UK Uni student? Here's what a day as a student at University of Huddersfield is all about.

So you’ve either decided to go to university, or you are considering the idea. You’ve attended all the open days, spend hours writing your UCAS personal statement, and begun to drown your sorrows surrounding the impending student debt, you’re going to be getting yourself in to. However, you probably haven’t been told about what the typical day-to-day life of a student could possibly be like. Allow me to educate you on the typical day-to-day life of a UK student at the University of Huddersfield.


One thing I have learnt in the past few months, is that it is always best to wake up as early as you can. It doesn’t matter if you have a 9am or 2pm start, you need to learn to make the most of the time you have. Whether that be scrolling through social media, or doing that last minute preparation for a seminar you forgot about. I generally tend to start the day with a quick shower, so that I am refreshed ready for the day ahead. I always make sure that I have something to eat and drink for breakfast, sometimes that may only be grabbing a cereal bar and a small carton of fruit juice on my way in to university. You may be tempted to skip breakfast, in exchange for a few more minutes in bed, but I highly recommend you have something to eat no matter how small, so that you are fuelled up for the day. You don’t want to be getting to a lecture and being the person with the rumbling belly that everyone can hear, do you?


Once you have completed the Herculean task of getting out of bed, making yourself look presentable, and gathering all your study essentials for the day in to your bag, then you are ready to head out and face the world. Now comes the part of the day that involves actually getting yourself physically to university, and making sure you are where you need to be. Most students in their freshers year at Huddersfield, generally tend to opt for staying in Storthes Hall Student Village, and this means that every morning consists, of catching the student shuttle bus and making the 20 minute (dependent on traffic) journey in to the city centre, to campus. Once you are on campus, you will have to fight your way through the masses of students, to get to the lecture theatre, or seminar room that you need to be in.

From this point on, your day can go one of three ways:

1.  You are forced to wait around campus and kill time, because of a 2-3 hour gap on your timetable.

If this is the case, make sure you find somewhere you can relax. Grab something to eat, read a good book (academic or otherwise), make sure you have everything you have with you so that you’re fully prepared for your next class, and maybe do a little background reading on a topic to help with your course. Just make sure that you aren’t slumped in a chair somewhere, waiting, and watching the minutes and the hours tick by until your next class. Some students at Huddersfield choose to go back to their flat at Storthes Hall and have a catch up with their flatmates.


2. You have all your classes packed tightly together, in a chaotic back to back block.

In this case keeping yourself hydrated is key. You don’t want to be passing out from dehydration, or risk being late to your next class because you stopped off to grab a drink. I recommend making sure you have a few drinks in your bag with you, and possibly a few snacks in their so you don’t get hungry either. Nothing kills concentration like hunger.

3. Your day is busy but between every class you have a small gap of about an hour.

This is possibly one of the worst kind of days to have, because all day you are going from being active to a state of inactivity. Ways to deal with this are rather similar to scenario one, just remember to get to all of your timetabled classes on time.

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So, the academic part of your day is over, now what? Well, most of the societies and sports clubs at university, will hold meetings and or training on an evening in order to avoid clashing with classes. There are even cases where there is one day a week that you won’t have afternoon classes so that you can join a sports team. Joining a society or sports club is a great way to relax and unwind after a hardworking day, and is even a great way to make some new friends.

There you have it, a typical day of a student studying at the University of Huddersfield, or at least a typical day from my experience. The advice I would encourage you to take away is; make sure you know exactly when and where you need to be, stay fed, stay hydrated, and know how to combat the boredom that occurs between classes.

What does your day look like compared to a student at University of Huddersfield? Comment below!
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