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The Typical Day Of A Aberystwyth University Student

The Typical Day Of A Aberystwyth University Student

Wondering what a typical day of a student at Aberystwyth is like? Well, here goes nothing, literally...there's nothing to do here.

Welcome to Aberystwyth where you can relax on the beautiful beach in the glorious sunshine…for like 2 seconds, good luck catching a tan here! Now now settle down, you asked for your typical day of a student at Aberystwyth, well here goes nothing, literally…there’s nothing to do here.

8am – 9am

 Around this time many students are normally fighting their alarms and regretting that they payed £9,000 for this education.

10am – 11am

Yes, we know you ‘forgot’ you had a 9am but now you’ve suddenly realised that you’ve payed £9,000 to gain an eduction so now you gotta rush to the Llanbarden campus and give your best Elle Woods impression.



12pm – 1pm

Now you have escaped the torture of the first lecture you now have to make your way to the next, but you now look like a drowned rat trying to scurry to a dry place, AHA Welcome to Wales, where the weather is just as Split as James McAvoy.

2pm – 3pm

You’re most likey ready for food, you can smell the ‘overpriced and not very nice’ cafe below, BUT once you’ve choosen the sandwich, you find the ‘student discount’ high hopes you waltz to the till and well lest just say ain’t nobody paying £3 for a sandwich.


4pm – 5pm


6pm – 7pm

Someone mention Prees, we all know we gotta be on fleek because FFerm flat parties are the SH*T, you will normally find your future sugar daddy here too as rent is more than your parents mortgage and then theres you…

8pm – 9pm

Ite so you looking Fleeky as hell and in your prees serving up your best cher impressions (my party trick anyway) THEN that guy you’ve been staring at for the last hour walks over and HOLY LORD…wait is that…OH MOTHER OF PEARL…he ain’t single, so you drop a sly hint to that dorky lil guy in the corner, guess whose getting laid in a double bed tonight…



See Also

10pm – 11pm

If Yokos isn’t your go to club, are you even that drunk? get yo stamp and fly outta there man! Although you do meet those odd few who go straight to Peir Pressure when its empty and the DJ thinks he’s BOMB AF when really he just found a banging spotify playlist to play to those ‘odd’ few


11pm – 12am

You’ve given your best in the Cambrian and you just about ready to skip along to you fave place, BUT that dorky guy you fled earlier has suddleny found you (common thing in Cambrain)


1am – 2am

you’ve suddenly found yourself in Pier Pressure throwing those shapes like your a geometric teacher, aye aye lads looking your way flaunt them moves…oh they’ve turned around, I wonder why. Welcome to Pier Pressure


(note to author: don’t dance…ever…please)

What does your day look like compared to a typical day of a student at Aberystwyth? Comment below!
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