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The 10 Types Of Uni Nights Out You Def Have To Experience

The 10 Types Of Uni Nights Out You Def Have To Experience

The 10 Types Of Uni Nights Out You Def Have To Experience

Bored of the same old student nights? University nightlife is so varied there are just some Uni nights out that you just have to experience so that you can make your most of your time as a student!

Here are 10 types of uni nights out that you def have to experience before you graduate!

1. Bar Crawl

The most classic of uni nights out that you definitely have to experience (more than once).


Whether you’re a larger group or smaller group, bar crawls are hilarious as you tour a series of pubs and bars, changing the scenery to keep the night fresh and making drinking more competitive!

Set challenges or dress up to add to the occasion and go all out to reach the last bar or use it as more of a warm-up for clubbing.

2. Techno Rave

Perhaps the most hardcore of uni nights out, it’s still an absolute must for any student!


Held in special venues that continue long into the night, you won’t be able to help but have your hands flown in the air raving and jumping to the craziest of techno tunes.

Often with a special DJ, strobe lights, lasers and smoke machines, it makes for a crazy-fun night out and an absolute must-experience for any uni student!

3. S*** Shirt

A rather crude name, this uni night out is a regular night out made hilarious when everyone has to rock up in the worst shirt they own or can find in a charity shop!


Make it a competition to see who can wear the worst or simply spend the night enjoying ridiculing your pals, posing for daft pictures, and dancing the night away as everyone else stares in bemusement!

4. Zoo Party

A classic fresher’s dress-up occasion, this is by far the wildest of uni nights out!

Dress as creatively, as attractively or as ridiculously as you like as you pre-drink and club dressed up as wild animals making for a hilarious uni night out experience you definitely have to experience!


5. Traffic Light Party

Another uni night-out-must where you can cheekily put your relationship status on display!

Singles display the colour green, those in relationships the colour red, and those in limbo over their relationship status in yellow or orange.

It sets boundaries in a hilarious way where you can see how all of your student pals matchup on the relationship spectrum, opening up doors for hilarious interactions where your true colours are put to the test!


6. UV Party

The most dazzling of all uni nights out you just have to be a part of!

Dress up in fluorescent clothing, whip out glow sticks and cover your face with groovy patterns using UV paint for a crazy fun club night where UV lighting and laser strobe lights make you part of the scenery!

Dance the night away colourfully lit up and glowing in the festivities of a classic student night that makes for awesome photos!


7. Retro Night

Escape from the monotony of normal student club nights with a retro night that is a must for anyone into the classics of the ages!

Dress up in the ’90s, ’80s and ’70s gear or just hit the club as you would normally but with the excitement of being able to throw it all back with the best of retro tunes!

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Dance to Abba, sing to The Beatles or rock it out to Queen for one of the best uni nights out that you’ll never want to end!

8.  Disco/ Funk night

Dress-up in funky clothes and groove to the sound of classic disco, soul and funk that makes for the coolest of uni nights out!

This night out typically features disco balls, funky glasses, floral t-shirts and colourful flare trousers for the ultimate student dance night!


9. Pub Golf

A classic dress-up bar crawl with a twist, an absolute must for anyone part of a larger group or society!

Dress-up in golfer gear and treat bars and pubs as holes (either nine or as many as eighteen) and aim to finish each drink at each pub by a certain amount of gulps to achieve a higher score: a par, a bogey, or if you’re feeling bold, a hole-in-one, making for an epic night out you’ll never forget!


10. Silent Disco

A totally unique night out experience that is another absolute must!

Rather than have the music played through the club’s speakers, the music is played through headphones that you can wear and take off at any time!

Dance the night away to the music that you want to listen to as everyone sings and dances in a room that’s actually silent, making for a unique and hilarious student experience you don’t want to miss out on!


What are your favourite must-experience uni nights out? Let us know below!

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