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7 Types Of Skirts Every Girls Needs

7 Types Of Skirts Every Girls Needs


More and more people are leaning towards capsule wardrobes; gone are the days of mountains of clothing items you hardly (if ever) wore, now it is all about being able to mix-and-match key pieces to create a variety of different outfits. Skirts are something within this new, more condensed, collection of clothing that can be great for every occasion: work, hanging out with friends, taking a trip to the local bar, etc. So having the right ones readily available, without going overboard, is something every girl should have.

The Pencil Skirt.

Pencil skirts are an old classic, but something you should have in your wardrobe.  It is a diverse skirt; style it with a pretty blouse and some cute pumps to wear to work, or a lacy top and some killer stilettos for a night out. The most important thing to look out for when buying this is the fit; skirts finishing just below the knee with a high waistline tend to be flattering on everybody. When it comes to choosing a colour there are plenty of options out there. I tend to lean towards black, but depending on your skin tone and preference you may opt for a nice pastel colour, some bold geometric patterns or even an in-your-face red. I’d recommend shopping around, but Debenhams have some great choices to get you started.

 The Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are a beautiful alternative to the old mini-skirts, and when styled correctly can be both casual and formal depending upon the occasion. Have some fun with this one, as it really is a fun skirt; play outside the box and don’t necessarily stick with a plain skirt. Maxi skirts have really come back into style over the last few years so naturally there are many different styles and fits to try out. For the more sophisticated out there, a fitted skirt with a side slit will work best in your wardrobe. For the boho chicks, opt for a loose fitting design with optional floral prints. These both work great for festivals (try with a crop top), hanging out with friends (a well fitted t-shirt will work here), or even to work (an off shoulder ruffled blouse could work well).


The Denim Skirt

Denim skirts have been coming back into style again and again for years, and for good reason. They should be a staple in any modern girl’s wardrobe. Simply because they look great on anyone, and although generally considered a more casual clothing item, with the right styling, can be great for heading out to your favourite bar with the girls. They go great with a pair of gladiator sandals for summer wear or your favourite Chelsea boots for the winter. Truly an iconic piece of year round clothing that you should go out and invest in now!

The Skater Skirt

Skater skirts are a really cute addition to any wardrobe; playful and easy to style for most occasions. There is no surprise that they are a go to for most girls out there when getting ready. Typically on the shorter side, the fun flowing structure, with a typically high waist is a very flattering fit for most women. Although this skirt does look great in all colours, as it is such a playful skirt I would recommend trying something a bit lighter and fun. This skirt can be styled with a lacy long sleeve top for nightwear, a loose t-shirt for day wear or a fitted blouse for work.

The A-line Midi Skirt

A-line midi skirts are a great choice for summer wear, and fit most body types really well. This flattering skirt finishes just below the knee, sits at the waist and then falls elegantly down without clinging. This skirts is great for both casual day wear, looking great when you go out shopping in the city, or to formal events. Style it with a tight fitted, off shoulder, long sleeve shirt for nightwear, or with a thin strapped top with a jacket draped over your shoulders for day wear. I like a dark colour with the midi skirt as I feel it both translates better to nightwear and gives you the opportunity to go bold with your top choice.

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The Pleated Skirt.

Pleated skirts have recently made a huge come-back. Gone are the days of pleats only existing in the wardrobes of school girls from various boarding school novels, and we can now welcome them into our daily wardrobes as super fun everyday looks. This is the place I would recommend trying out some fun colours to step away from the school girl look and opting for some chiffon to give a beautiful silhouette to your outfit. Pleated skirts work best for day wear, they and can be styled with some cool t-shirts, crop tops or a thin strapped top depending on your personal style or mood. Find a colour that suits your skin tone to maximise this skirt, and pair with either flats or heels depending upon how you want the finished outfit to look.

The Mini Skirt

Mini skirts were the staple wardrobe item back in the early 2000’s, and had roots dating back to the 60’s. When I think of a mini skirt, I always get flash backs to watching Mean Girls when they were skin tight and hot pink, but they are still relevant now-a-days. It is important when selecting a mini skirt to make sure it is flattering to your body type as not everyone can feel comfortable wearing something skin tight and short. Look for something with an A-line fit to allow a bit more movement to the skirt, and don’t be afraid to layer with some cool trousers if you’re looking for a super casual day look. If wearing the mini skirt bear -legged, I would recommend leaning towards night looks… pairing the skirt with longer sleeved tops and higher necklines (they do say either show legs or boobs.. not both.)


Skirts are a great way to complete any girl’s wardrobe, and having a good selection for any occasion while still maintaining a certain amount of selectivity is paramount. Don’t be afraid to try on things you wouldn’t normally consider, and most importantly have fun with this! Find the right styles, fits and colours to suit you.

What are your favourite skirts to style and wear? Let us know in the comments!
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