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10 Types Of People You’ll See Watching Sports

10 Types Of People You’ll See Watching Sports

10 Types Of People You'll See Watching Sports

Sports unite towns, cities and even countries. Watching on TV is all well and good but nothing beats the atmosphere of a packed stadium.

The only downside of watching live sports is having to deal with all the strangers surrounding you. Some of them are nice but some of them drive you crazy. There are 10 types of sports fans you’ll have to mingle with.

1. The Ultra-fan

This fan is easy to spot. They’re usually wearing the team shirt and enthusiastically shouting swear words that the referee. They’re probably middle-aged and have been supporting the team since they were a foetus. They’re constantly rambling on about the ‘good old days’.


10 Types Of People You’ll See Watching Sports

2. The Plastic

They’re the exact opposite to the ultra-fan and consequently get a lot of criticsm. They only show up to big games and when the team is doing well. On a cold Tuesday night when their team is playing their top of the league competition and they’re going to lose, they’re nowhere in sight.

3. The Commentator

Commentary is fine when you’re watching sport on the TV, but when you’re sat watching it live you don’t really need Mark, 43, from 3 miles down the road, constantly commenting on what’s happening and ruining every second of it for you.


4. The Mum

There’ll always be a family member in the crowd to watch their son/daughter/wife/husband. The mum has been stood at the sidelines for every game since their child was four and she loves every second of it.

10 Types Of People You’ll See Watching Sports

5. The Drunk

They’re the first to pass judgement and first to throw a punch when face to face with the opposition fans. They probably have a beer belly that’s not quite covered by their team replica shirt and have come straight from the pub. They’ll be going back to the pub after it’s over, too.


6. The Clueless

Their friend or partner asked them if they wanted to come and they didn’t want to be rude and say no. They’re enjoying it a bit but they’d rather be at home because they don’t really know what’s going on. Just clap when everyone else claps, right?


7. The Statistician

They know how many goals and assists each of the attacking players has had for the ten past seasons. They know how many clean sheets the keeper has had since they were playing on the school field in Year Four and you bet they feel the need to share the stats with everyone around them. 

8. The Child

They’re there to watch their heroes, the people they aspire to be. They have heart eyes the entire time there and want nothing more than a selfie with their role model. They’re running around and driving you crazy but everyone around you seems to think it’s cute.

9. The Critic

This person knows (read:  thinks they know) everything that’s wrong with every move and doesn’t hesitate to shout them at the team manager. Even if the team they’re supporting is winning, they will find a reason to be negative. They’ll blast their least favourite player all over social media when they get home.


10. The Stander

You’re not going to see the game if this person is in front of you. From 10 minutes before it begins to the moment they leave, this person will be stood up and making exaggerated gestures, blocking your view.

10 Types Of People You’ll See Watching Sports

But, in the end, you’re all there for the same reason. That burning love for your team joins you together with the people who get on your nerves. Really, a game wouldn’t be the same without them.

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