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10 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Whitby

10 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Whitby

The people in Whitby range from regulars, to know it alls, and more. If you live in Whitby, then you totally understand the types of people that live there.

All small towns are the same, you have the ‘typical’ type of people you’ll definitely come across in any small town. Particular types of people who have definitely earned themselves a special title (one of which they are probably proud of). We even find ourselves completely disregarding their name, and we instinctly call them by their label; from the town gossip to the town player. Here are 10 types of people you’ll run into when in Whitby.

1. The One Who Wants To Know Everything

In Whitby, and I’m sure every small town around the country will have this type of person. There’s always that one (well let’s be honest, there’s always more than one) person who wants to know everything about everyone. The one that gets in everybody’s business, and they genuinely think they have a right to know the ins and outs of peoples lives. And to this day, you still don’t know how they find out literally, everything?!

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2. The One Who Everyone Knows

There’s always that one person who everyone knows and loves. The popular one. And if you don’t know them personally, you’ll definitely know of them. The one who gets along with basically, everyone. They are the town’s sweetheart, the one who everybody likes.

10 Types Of People You'll Run Into When In Whitby

3. The Regular

There’s the one who’s always having a pint (or five) in their local pub; laughing, smiling and having a good time. The one who everyone acknowledges as the ‘regular’. Rain or shine, you can be sure to find them in their favourite spot, in their favourite place every Friday and Saturday night (and probably every other night of the week, too).

4. The Town Gossip

Ah, the town gossip. We can’t miss this one out. Not only the one who knows everything about everyone but the one who loves to play Chinese whispers with their friends, next door neighbors and probably the DPD delivery driver if they got half the chance. The one who lacks the meaning of ‘privacy’ – you find out things about yourself, that you didn’t even know! All thanks to the town gossip – you’ve gotta’ love them!

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5. The Entrepreneur

Every town has its local entrepreneur, or should I say, entrepreneurs. In every small town, it seems like everyone has their own business (or 5). From bakeries to bars, the local lively hood makers have something to offer everyone. But with success often comes ignorance. There’s always that one person who walks around with a chip on their shoulder, the type of person who thinks they’re better than everyone else.

6. The One Who Never Leaves

There are the typical Whitby residents, and then there’s the die-hard, Whitby-until-I-die residents. I’m sure, just like other smalls towns, there’s that one person (or group of friends) we all know that will never leave. In fact, I know people who barely even step foot out of Whitby.

10 Types Of People You'll Run Into When In Whitby

7. The Snob

Now we have the one who moans about everything; from the Whitby weather to the Whitby traffic, (don’t get me wrong, Monday mornings are a new level of hell) but yet, they’re still here? Don’t get me wrong, we can all be slightly snobby, and of course we all have the odd moan from time to time. But for this type of person, nothing is ever good enough in Whitby.

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8. The Town Player

The player. Where do I start? I think you can all imagine the type of person I’m talking about. Boy or girl, we all have them in our towns. You can be assured, you’ll always come across one young ‘en who has been involved with literally, everyone.

10 Types Of People You'll Run Into When In Whitby

9. The One That Never Comes Back

Not quite as bad as the snob, but the one who would literally stay away from Whitby forever if they could. The one who hates Whitby and everything about it. They move away from Whitby the first chance they get and they don’t come back. This type of person craves bigger and better things and is definitely one of the people in Whitby you can bet on seeing.

10 Types Of People You'll Run Into When In Whitby

10. Everyone’s Ex

There’s the player, who’s young and enjoying their youth (and understandably, how they should be). But, then you have the ex, and what I mean by that is their everyone’s ex. The person who has gotten themselves in too deep and has got more ex’s than I can count on my hands and feet.

10 Types Of People You'll Run Into When In Whitby

Have you run into these people in Whitby? Let us know in the comment section below!
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