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12 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Manchester

12 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Manchester

When you're in Manchester you can be sure that you'll run into at least some of these types of people. If not, are you really in Manchester?

When you’re in Manchester, there are so many people who you’ll bump into, even though this city is huge, everyone is so friendly it will soon start to feel like home. There are some people who you’ll continuously bump into and be confused as to whether you’ve met them before. Here is a breakdown of all of the people you’ll run into when in Manchester.

Street Preachers

Being the large city that Manchester is, there is always a street preacher or two humming through the city centre. They’ll preach their religion through microphones and make you realise how you’ve already sinned before redemption.

Free Coke Zero People

If you walk down Market Street on any day of the week you are likely to meet the Coke Zero people, they will give you a free Coke Zero and force you to take them. You can try and escape, but they will always catch you.


Football Mad

Manchester is a city which is divided by Football, you’re either a City fan or a United fan, or it doesn’t matter. Derby day is a scary day if you’re not involved in football – it’s safer to stay home and have a quiet night in. During the World Cup, there was so much jubilation at England’s wins the pubs spilled out onto the streets and there were incredible scenes of people singing and dancing together.

Aspiring Musicians

Manchester has such a rich history of music that aspiring musicians flock to the city in hope of joining the musical ladder. Manchester has multiple music colleges, and buskers are always found in the city centre. If you’re looking for new music, then you’ll certainly find it in Manchester.

Club Promoters

Once you’re off the bus at the university, you’ll be bombarded by club promoters. They’ll be handing out the latest offers to all of the clubs, offering cheap drinks and free entry. You’ll try and avoid them, looking down, pretending to have a phone call, maybe even crossing the street – but one will always catch you. You’ll have so much choice as to where to go that you’ll probably end up staying in. Or just going to Factory again.

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People Who Think They Are A Gallagher Brother

If Manchester’s musicians are anything to go by, there will always be one or two who act and dress as if they are in Oasis. They’ll wear the parkas and get the haircuts and sing in the same raspy way. But they’ll never be Oasis and Liam Gallagher will be the first to say.

The Elusive ‘I Swear I Go To Uni’

Every course at every university will have at least one of these people. You will run into them everywhere, except in the lecture hall. They are insatiably elusive and seem to do incredibly well at their course, despite them never actually going to anything. You’ll see them at clubs or in town and be sure you know the, and they’ll enthusiastically explain how they’re on your course… But you’re not so sure…


Fallowfield People

When in Fallowfield you’ll meet a certain type of people. You’ll see young men in Adidas sports jackets, young women in North Face jackets. They are the creatures of Fallowfield, they live in their houses and sneak out to Sainsbury’s at peak times. They will dress up in all their wavey garms for a night on the town, and hide once again in their sporty vintage clothes thereafter.

If you can think of any other types of people you’ll run into when in Manchester, let us know in the comments below!
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