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12 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In London

12 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In London

London is filled with many different types of people. We've put together a list of some of the ones you're bound to meet at some point.

London is full of people and, obviously, there are many types of different personality traits around here. You’ll notice a great level of diversity just by stepping in. Here are the 12 most known types of people you’ll run into when in London:

1. The Shorts Person

A true British person. No matter the weather, rain or sunshine, he or she will be wearing shorts. Some people think they are an urban legend but they exist and are real. In fact, they can be seen in your own country… Of course, wearing shorts. Yes, even during the winter.

2. The Royal

He or she is probably wearing anything that involves a small British flag around. London accent? More like a proud royal one. They will be acting, talking and living as if they truly believe to be part of the royal British family. God Save The Queen is their mantra.


12 Types Of People You'll Run Into When In London

3. The Hooligan

What a classic. They will be found around pubs or near to the famous football stadiums in London. There are especially three types of them (and I hope you don’t run into a fight between these three): Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham Hooligan. If you’re thinking about moving to London, choose your team!

5. The Sporty One

London is full of big wonderful and green parks and spaces where people can go to run around. You will find them everywhere. Always wearing sporty clothes, doing some yoga next to a big tree, cycling, running or sweating while doing some planks in Hyde Park. If you’re hanging out with them don’t forget the water bottle!


6. The Tourist

They are everywhere. They can be Chinese, Spanish, Russians, Americans… London sometimes becomes a small Planet Earth where everybody is welcomed and everybody can fit it. They usually carry a camera around, look amazed or surprised and spend half of their time around Westminster.

12 Types Of People You'll Run Into When In London

7. The Metereologist

Everybody knows about the bad weather in London. Normally, foreigners are the ones who miss sunshine the most because Londoners are used to it by now. However, there will always be that person you find on the bus or the underground complaining about the weather because he or she would expect it to be different. Whether it’s raining or sun is shining, they are wanting the opposite.


8. The Tea Drinker

Are you a coffee lover? The Tea Drinker will make you forget about it or at least will try to convince you to change your caffeine habit and turn it into something healthier. For them, absolutely every problem in the world can be solved by drinking some tea. Or a lot of it. And of course, you must extend your pinky finger while drinking it.


9. The Crab

The Crabs are more likely to be found during summer or at the end of it. Londoners who probably went to Spain, Italy or Greece during holidays and ended up being really burnt. Ouch, that must hurt.

10. The Busker

They are probably my favourite kind. Buskers are everywhere in London and they come from around the whole world, but their natural habit is the underground, the exit of it or the most touristic places. Rock, pop, R&B, guitars, drums or pianos… It does not matter what you like. You will find them amusing, artistic and they can surprise you if you give them the chance. I have made quite good discoveries just by paying attention and embracing them without judging.

11. The Weasley

Redhead ones, lots of freckles and pale skin. You look cute. You are different. Please, do not hide your uniqueness. Oh, by the way… Just between you and I, are you a wizard? Or more like an Ed Sheeran?


12 Types Of People You'll Run Into When In London

12. The Mix

London is characterized by the contrast it can offer and it is not different when it comes to people. You may find someone who is these 11 types all together and more! Probably a Sherlock Holmes type of boy, a Jane Austen classic girl or a never-letting-the-Beatles-die kind of street artist. Above all, The Mix will be interesting and they try to take advantage of the good in every type of personality and taste.

What types of people do you run into in London? Let us know in the comments!
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