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The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Edinburgh Napier University

The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University is a school filled with a lot interesting people. These are just some of the types you'll meet at this school.

Walking the same uni corridors every week means you see the same faces, in the same places. People become familiar, even if they’re not your friends. Here’s the 8 types of people you’ll meet at Edinburgh Napier University.

1. There’s always one person that’s really sweaty

This character is always running late. They’ve left the house without their lunch, they’ve forgotten a pen, and brought the wrong textbook for class. They missed their bus by the skin of their teeth. The line for the lift was too long, so they ran up the 7 flights of stairs to make it in for 09:01. They frantically announce their turmoil to the class, as they burst through the door with the old “sorry I’m late!” Then they realise the lecturer hasn’t even arrived yet.

Are you this person at Edinburgh Napier University? I think we are all this person.


2. That guy who’s wardrobe appears to consist of only Hawaiian shirts

He’s committed to his summer look, wearing board shorts in winter, with his hair in a ponytail. One of those creative types. He talks to everyone and anyone, giving a grin to all he passes.

3. Oh, and that guy who’s wardrobe appears to consist of only tracksuit bottoms or joggies

Comfort is key. Why get all dressed up for class, when you’re only going to go back to the flat after and sleep? Everything is chill, you know? This person has probably left their assignment to hours before deadline, and is sat – joggies on – in the Kilby furiously typing away; the most comfortable person in the room. They still get a grade A as well. Who’s laughing now?


4. “Anyone want to go for a drink?”

We’ve all got that one person in class who is always keen for a bevvy – be it 11am or 8pm. Are you stressed? Drown your sorrows in a glass of red. Are you exhausted? An ice cold pint will fix that. Late for a hand-in? That’s because you got absolutely steeming last night with your friends who already finished their assignment and went out to celebrate. Feel like crying? Treat yourself to a wee tequila slammer, that’ll sort your spirit.

5. “Anyone want to go for food?”

This person is burning a serious hole in everyone’s pockets, never mind their own. Whenever hunger strikes, they’ll do everything but cook their own meal. “Can’t be bothered with that mate. Too much effort. Plus, by the time you fork out for one big meal a day, you’re not hungry until tomorrow, so I’m actually saving everyone some money.”

Don’t let them fool you. You’ll be skint and hungry for the next three weeks if you keep doing what you’re doing.

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6. The fashionistas who take every step like they’re on the catwalk

They planned their outfit the night before. They got up early to gel their hair just right, and perfectly colour match their lipstick shade with their boots. You won’t ever see them wearing the same outfit twice. They probably have colour co-ordinated stationery, and one backpack for each day of the week too. And, you’ve got to give it to them, because they do always look on point.


7. It’s not a uni campus if there’s no crew of indie kids sauntering around

They normally travel in packs too. You’ll never notice a lonesome indie kid. Collectively, they have 6 guitars, three bass guitars, two acoustic guitars and one ukulele strapped over their shoulders. There’s only four people mind, so the instrument to Indie Kid ratio is a bit off. But, the more instruments, the cooler they are of course. 10 indie points to each of you!

8. The extremely committed student

She’s always early, and she’s always the last to leave the classroom. She sits in the same seat every week, and has all of her stationery and jotters laid out systematically in front of her. Her water bottle is always full, and her packed lunches always look amazing. You wish so badly that you could student like she does. How does she have time to whip up those amazing meal preps, and be the perfect student? This gal at Edinburgh Napier University is superwoman.

What people have you met at Edinburgh Napier University? Tell us in the comments!
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