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7 Types Of Lecturers You’ll Get At University

7 Types Of Lecturers You’ll Get At University

7 Types Of Lecturers You'll Get At University

Every individual is different, and this also applies to every teacher and lecturer you meet as well. Of course, there will be lecturers who make you smile, lecturers you can’t stand and those that don’t know what they’re doing. It isn’t just the students that will have strong views, there are many lecturers who will have them too. You’ll get many feminists, many individuals fighting for racial and disability equality and will usually insinuate these into their talks. There so many different lecturers you’ll meet but here are seven types of lecturers that you’ll get at university.

1. The tangents

These are usually lecturers that are passionate about their work. In fact, they are so passionate about their work that they go on one tangent to another, which results in being unable to complete the lecture within the time slot. These tangents, whether they are linked to the lecture or not, these tangents are usually quite interesting to listen to.

7 types of lecturers you'll get at university

2. The ones who don’t know what they’re doing

Every lecturer has a specialty that they love and research as part of their job but sometimes, they get the short straw and must teach something that they aren’t very familiar with, which usually shows when all they do is read off the lecture slides for two hours. When it comes to answering questions, regardless about whether its something to do with the assignment or the readings, it usually isn’t a straight forward answer.

7 types of lecturers you'll get at university

3. The ones that don’t want to be there

The ones that are usually late or try to make the lecture go as quickly as possible. Its clear that they want to be someplace else. They’re usually the ones who try to speak as little as possible using videos and minute bullet pointed slides.

7 types of lecturers you'll get at university

4. The ones who pick on everyone

Sometimes, there will be lectures which involve interacting, which is great and makes the lecture more entertaining. However, its usually uncomfortable when the lecturer starts to pick out targets that don’t volunteer to participate. If you do get picked on, you usually have to present your idea/answer (if your lucky enough to already have one in your mind) to a large group of individuals is can always be quite stressful.

7 types of lecturers you'll get at university

5. The ones who speak but don’t put a lot on their slides

The use of PowerPoint slides is usually a blessing during any lecture as you can usually access these notes before and after the lecture. However, it can be very irritating is when there is very little on the slides. It shows good presenting skills but when it comes to writing notes for an upcoming exam, writing everything down, whether its relevant or not is crucial.

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6. The jokers

These ones try to keep you engaged by making jokes and keeping the lecture as entertaining as possible. During one of my lecturers, we learned about a psychological theory, so my lecturer made us watch an example of this theory through an excerpt of the Big Bang Theory. These kinds of lecturers use techniques which involves humour to make key points more memorable.

7 types of lecturers you'll get at university

7. The passionate ones

Every individual should have at least one teacher in their lives that inspires them with what they do. They’re usually the easiest to talk to, the lectures that keep you engaged and the ones you’ll remember for a long time. Its clear that this area is what they love as they talk about their experiences in this field, all the things they have learned and discovered.

7 types of lecturers you'll get at university

There are many more types of lecturers at university and of course, a lot of these will overlap with one another. Rest assured, you will meet at least a few great lecturers that will help you do well in your studies. Do you any experiences with these types of lecturers, comment below.

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