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The 10 Types Of Festival Outfits You’ll See

The 10 Types Of Festival Outfits You’ll See

These festival outfits are must-haves for festival season! You'll be guaranteed to see all of these fashion styles at any festival you go to!

Everybody loves a festival. Whether you’re is sipping on sweet brews at a craft beer convention, or standing up to your knees in mud watching your favourite band. All of them are different, but fashion rules every one of them. What you wear expresses who you are. Here are 10 kinds of go-ers you’ll catch at any festival, and this is will be exactly what they’re wearing. Which one of these festival outfits are you?

1. Ibiza Loyals

You gals are committed to your summer look. No matter the weather, those Ibiza bods are coming out. You’re rocking a bikini with the worlds highest heels on. Your hair extensions are in and you’ve got that full-coverage make-up look going on. Your fake-tan is strong and your body is decorated like a Christmas tree with silver belts and hanging jewellery. You’re out to dance and ready to get messy.

2. Extra

You guys and gals don’t come for the mud and you don’t come for the pints. They’ll be found with a mini bottle of rose in their hand, sat on a picnic bench with all their besties, looking perfect. You have a sleek look, with classy make-up, but once you’re a few bottles of wine down you are a riot – the truth of what you think about everyone starts flowing out, and drama unfurls…


3. Spice boy

The classic lad. Snapback is on backwards and a wife beater top is hugging your almost-six-pack torso (if at all). You are wearing scarily short shorts, but dance like its all under control down there. You like your choonz man, but getting on it with the lads is what it’s all about.

4. Wannabe Mod

You wear Fred Perry polo shirts and skin tight skinny black jeans. Your hair is combed perfectly and your jacket is a nice shade of kaki. You’re into Oasis, The Courteeners and anything Britpop. And at least one of your pals will have brought a flare to set off during the headliners.

5. The Sad Boys (and girls)

These are emo kids who’ve grown out of their emo phase, but keep dear parts of their looks intact. You, or at least one of your pals has a buzz cut, you’re always in black, and you do that moody model pose really well. You’re dead into the music, but even more into your look. People walk past and think your one of the bands, which makes you feel the ultimate cool.


6. The “I’m just here for the music” club

You have studied the line-up to a T. You know who you want to see and when. The guys dress smart-casual with shirts and a fitted jacket. Girls have a simple leather jacket and a pair of groovy print jeans – let the lipstick do the work. Both are probably wearing Doc Marten’s and drinking pints. You guys aren’t afraid to dance.

7. The queer social media influencer

You like to push the boundaries. Think James Charles at Coachella. Whether it’s rain or shine, you will have full coverage make-up on, hair gelled to the perfect quiff, outfit looking snatched, with shoes that are surprisingly clean for being at a festival. You don’t care if there’s music playing, because you’re gonna dance like you came here to do, and there ain’t no stopping ya hunni.

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8. The Techno “Cool Man”

You guys don’t dance; you do the head-nod-foot-shuffle thing. You have your denim jeans perfectly rolled just above your ankle. Your Reebocks are on, and the ‘retro’ baggy sports jacket that everyone wears (but you reckon is indie) is on your back.

9. The Techno “Cool Gal”

You are the female version of Mr. Techno, but unlike him, you’re sure as hell gonna dance the night away because this festival is the first time in months that all your gals have been together in one place. You’ve got glitter on your cheeks, your trousers are floaty, your trainers are platformed, your jacket is puffy, and your earrings are hooped to the gods.

10. Indie Skaters

You have also studied the line-up to a T. You’ve come in some pretty risky white (or brightly coloured) straight-leg jeans, paired with a black t-shirt, and a black bumbag crossed over your chest. If you’re feeling fruity, you’ve put a bucket hat on top of those long luscious locks of yours. Effortlessly cool. This is defintiely one of the festival outfits you’ll see.

Did you figure out which of these festival outfits you are? What festival outfits do you wear? Tell us in the comments!
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