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8 Types Of Fairy Lights That Set The Mood Always

8 Types Of Fairy Lights That Set The Mood Always

There are all differeny types of fairy lights that are great for setting a mood or making a room more comfortable. Here are some!

Who doesn’t love fairy lights? They can make any room go from 0 to 100 just by flicking a switch. Are you looking to brighten up your very tired uni room? Stick up some fairy lights! Are you in a bit of a shit mood after a rubbish day of work? Stick on the fairy lights! England been knocked out of the semi-finals of the World Cup and you realise that, after all, it’s not coming home? Fairy lights! Well… maybe not for that last one. There’s nothing that can cushion that blow. But in all seriousness, fairy lights can really transform a room and create a cosy, warm and comforting atmosphere. Here we have a list of 8 different types of fairy lights that always set the mood, whether you’re having a cosy night in with the gals or a Netflix and Chill night in with your other half… We have a set of fairy lights for every occasion!

Classic String Fairy Lights.

When you think of fairy lights, most of us think of the classic string fairy lights. These are one of the best bedroom accessories because there are 101 different ways that they can be used. String them along your headboard, shelves, mirror, along a plain wall or dangle them along the ceiling to add some sparkle to your bedroom. If you prefer a cosier vibe, opt for a set of the more subtle ‘warm white’ rather than ‘bright white’ string lights as these are a lot starker and more blinding. Out of all the types of fairy lights these are some of the best!

Fairy Light Jar.

A really cute way to set the mood in your bedroom and create a cosy atmosphere is to have a few fairy light jars dotted around your room. You can either buy these online as a ready-made fairy light jar or you can do a DIY job by finding an old jar and sticking some unused battery powered lights in there. Pop the jar on your dressing table or bedside table and it will be the perfect cosy bedroom accessory for any girly movie nights.


Fairy Light Lantern.

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier than a simple jar, you can opt for a fairy light lantern instead. Slightly bigger and more decorative than the fairy light jars, these lanterns can become a great ornamental piece for any bedroom and can transform a tired looking room into a cosy, safe haven! This is one of the greatest types of fairy lights.

Fairy Light Trees.

If you are looking for a more stand-out fairy light accessory for your room or just have an empty corner to fill, fairy light trees can be a really easy way to decorate a room and fill an empty space. They can transform any inside space into a world of enchantment and create a snug and cushy atmosphere. Now all you need is a pair of fluffy Primark bed socks and a hot chocolate with marshmallows and you’re all sorted!

String Lantern Fairy Lights.

If you want something a bit more exciting than the classic string fairy lights, opt for a set of lantern fairy lights to hang around your headboard. With tiny baby lanterns on each light, these fairy lights are the perfect delicate light decoration for any bedroom. They are relatively cheap too, so you can add a bit of atmosphere to your bedroom without having to splash the cash!

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String Festoon Light Bulb Fairy Lights.

Another alternative to the classic string fairy lights are festoon light bulb fairy lights which are perfect if you want to add a slight industrial feel to your room while still creating a warm and comforting atmosphere. Also perfect for around your headboard or to string along the top of any bare wall, these festoon lights will brighten up any dull room!

Star Light Sculpture.

If you are looking for a more decorative accessory that will still brighten up your room, why not choose a star light sculpture for one of your bedroom walls. These decorations are perfect for those empty walls that you just don’t know how to fill, as they are simplistic yet decorative enough to style up a bare wall by themselves. An extremely quick and easy way to create a soothing and cosy atmosphere in your bedroom.


Fairy Light Wreath.

Similarly to the star light sculpture, you could also get a fairy light wreathe to hang up on your wall. A really simple and decorative piece, these fairy light wreaths are the perfect way to add a bit more personality and atmosphere to your bedroom without going overboard. Wreaths don’t just have to be for Christmas! This is one of the best types of fairy lights!

So there you go, 8 different types of fairy lights that will always set the mood! Do you have any other ideas on how to incorporate fairy lights into your room? What are your favorite types of fairy lights? Let us know in the comments below!
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