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The 8 Types Of Boys And Girls You’ll Meet At Middlesex University

The 8 Types Of Boys And Girls You’ll Meet At Middlesex University

The 8 Types Of Boys And Girls You'll Meet At Middlesex University

If you are currently studying at university or you have graduated from university, you’ll know that you meet many people along the way. Some that stay in your life, some that have impacted your life and then some that you never want to meet again. No matter what university you go to, you’ll definitely meet these type of people, but especially at Middlesex University.

1. The Mum Friend

If you want one kind of friend at uni, you need the ‘mum’ kind of friend. The person who makes sure you don’t put a white t-shirt in with a dark wash (or who even does it for you), who drags you to them lectures you keep forgetting about (ugh) and someone who will bring you tea when your final deadline was erm, yesterday. You know…the type of people who literally save lives?  These are the friends that are fundamental if you want to come out of Middlesex University alive.


2. The One Who Has Everything Figured Out

We all know someone who has everything figured out, and I mean everything. Their life literally seems perfect. They’re always 20 minutes early to every 9am lecture, they’re a first class student and they just get everything right. They know exactly who they are, they know exactly what they want and they aren’t afraid to get it. Without even realising, you find yourself spending 80 percent of your time thinking how the F do they do it?


3. The Fashionista

There’s always that one person with the insanely cool outfits at Middlesex University. They’ve got colour co-ordination down to a T, they can find the best bargains and they are dressed in head to toe vintage. They wear the hottest new trends and their headband actually matches their socks… (ok, maybe they don’t, but I’m sure they would if they could) And when they always look perfectly kept, you look at yourself in disgust and instantly regret skipping the hair brush routine that everyone seems to do these days?

4. The One Who Is Always Hungover

Now we all love a party, after freshers we can definitely say enough is enough, right? (Well, until next Saturday night) But, not for the party animal. They roll into class (if they even make it) wearing their favourite baggy sweats and an extra large coffee in hand, looking like they’ve had zero sleep. They make it apparent that they ain’t here for a long time, they’re here for a good time.


5. The Class Clown

As we all know, university is hard to say the least. But have no doubt, the ‘class clown’ will be there to make you laugh and spur you on when the going gets tough. They make all nighters in the library bearable and they make you laugh when all you want to do is cry. You don’t dread the 9am lectures when you know they’ll be attending, because they always find a way to crack you up and spread positivity. This is the person who will keep you sane throughout your time at uni, and trust me, you’re going to need it.

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6. The One You Couldn’t Live Without

Ah, the best friend. The one who is always there through thick and thin – the best friend for life. Now this one is the most important, because without them, you would have dropped out in first semester. The best friend is the one you can go to for anything, the one to bring you up when you’re feeling down and the shoulder you can cry on. They are also your partner in crime, you don’t know how you actually lived without them in the first place, you are the ultimate duo. You might have only known each other 3 years tops, but you both share secrets that could ruin both of your lives. Then you realise they somehow know you better than you know yourself? That’s when you know it’s real.


7. The One Who Has A Life

You may not know this, but people actually have a life outside of university –  who knew? You only realise how sad your own life is when you’re sat at home (alone I might add) in your favourite disney pyjamas, nursing a hot chocolate and binge watching a box-set you’ve watched a million times. (In fact, you binge watched it last Saturday night too). These type of people know how to have fun. They go to raves, parties and they do whatever they want to do. Throughout your time at uni, take a leaf out of their book – as long as you work hard, you can play hard.


8. The University Enthusiast

There’s always one. The one who is so university it hurts. You can either find them in the college bar or, erm, in the college bar? They literally live for university and they disregard anything/anyone who isn’t. I mean, summer break is their worst nightmare. They have joined every society group they possibly could and they hang out in the library for fun. You’re supposed to make the most of university and they are grabbing the opportunity to do so with both hands. It’s the best years of your life, but these people refuse to accept they aren’t going to be a fresher forever…(oops, I said it)

Have you got any people you’ve met throughout your time at university? How about at Middlesex University? Let us know in the comments below.
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