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25 Tweets About Southampton That Are Just Too True

25 Tweets About Southampton That Are Just Too True

Southampton is an interesting place to say the least. Here are 25 hilarious tweets anyone from Southampton can relate to!

Southampton is an odd city full of quirks and interesting corners. Most of the time, people would associate it with homelessness, drug users and university students; a collective bunch, I know. However, every now and then you get a glimpse of some wonderful things. Below you’ll find a mixture of these things ranging from the gorgeous scenery of Southampton Common to a statue of a zebra roaming the city all nicely summed up in a tweet. Here are 25 relatable tweets about Southampton!

1. Here is that glimpse I was talking about


2. Another rare view

3. Okay maybe this one isn’t as rare because the docks are always picturesque on a sunny day, but whatever

4. Now we’re getting to the odd things

5. Yes, someone stole a statue of a zebra in Southampton

6. Sometimes I question the people of Southampton as we find that a trip to IKEA is the highlight of our week

7. There is no arguing with this tweet at all

8. I reckon everyone had the same reaction as this person did. What? The same store but slightly bigger?! What is happening?!

9. I can relate 100% to this tweet as I had no idea this was around until recently…

10. Yet the city just keeps on giving….more shop floor space

11. Now this one is just too true to handle for anyone who has ever worked in Southampton

12. The simple rule is just don’t drive around the city because then you end up feeling like this

13. For any students at Southampton Solent you will know what they’re on about

14. Because the LFW halls just never shuts up

15. One of the perks of the city is how little you are able to spend and still end up getting drunk af on a night out

16. Music is a highlight of Southampton

17. It really is

18. People just can’t get enough of the music scene

19. And then there’s the downfall of the Southampton music scene…expensive af

20. I’m hoping the people who like the Southampton night are the better of the 2

21. I’m not surprised

22. St. Marys should just have more police anyway

23. They’re everywhere…you can’t escape them in Southampton

24. It can’t get much more true than this

25. Okay maybe it can

Do you know of any other funny tweets about Southampton!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: weheartit