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7 TV Shows To Replace Game Of Thrones When Its Over

7 TV Shows To Replace Game Of Thrones When Its Over

This list of 7 tv shows to replace Game of Thrones will help you get over the Game of Thrones obsession, by replacing it with one of these TV shows.

For the Game of Thrones die-hard fans, they will be going through serious withdrawal symptoms on 20th May. It is going to be difficult to find a new replacement for the show they have been obsessed with for 8 years! So much time has passed between seasons and it has been the topic of so many late-night conversations with friends, debating who is going to end up on the throne at the end. I have a few options for how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, I have included something for everyone!  

1. For people who want to see some blood and gore – Dexter  

96 episodes later and countless deaths, Dexter has finally finished, so you won’t have to wait for the episode to come out every week. The show focuses on blood-splatter analyst working for the Miami police department with his crazy sister Deborah, whilst he is killing the criminals that they can’t catch. The show focuses around the sibling crime-solving duo catching notorious killers, whilst Dexter is trying to stay out of his sister’s clutches.  

2. For people who want to have a laugh – Baby Daddy 

100 episodes and so many laughs, Baby Daddy came to its inevitable conclusion, which will enable you to binge the whole show in one sitting! It centres around 3 20-something guys living as single guys, when a baby is dumping on the door step from a one-night stand. The guys adjust to looking after the baby and ultimately fall in love with her, whilst receiving help from their know-it-all friend Riley who falls in love with 2/3 of the guys who happen to be brothers. Watch to see how they all cope with being overnight parents and the mum in the show is the character to watch for!  


3. For people who want a period drama – Mr. Selfridge  

40 episodes and it follows the real-life story of the infamous Mr. Selfridge, this show has finished which won’t make waiting each week unbearable waiting to see what happens next! The show follows Selfridge and his family opening London’s biggest department store at the beginning of the 20th century. It centres around the shop’s failures and successes, whilst meeting Mr. Selfridge’s many lovers which are a big part of the show. The all-star British cast make this ITV show one to watch.     

4. For people who want to see gangsters killing each other – Boardwalk Empire    

57 episodes and so much action, if you are looking for an interesting tv show that will always keep you on the edge of your seat, this is it. It follows Steve Buscemi as a politician turned gangster causing mayhem in New Jersey, during the prohibition period! There are fights between the gangsters, people being kidnapped, shoot outs, the show is incredibly tense and features real-life gangsters like Al Capone. The all-star cast makes this show one of the most underrated tv shows, that deserves recognition like Game OF Thrones. Be the one to introduce your friends to Boardwalk Empire, the show they will lock themselves away for the weekend to try to finish! 

5. For people who want to sing-along – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  

62 episodes later and so much drama, this show takes you on such a journey through understanding your relationship with mental health and ultimately accepting who you are. The show follows Rebecca moving across America for her high school boyfriend and falling in love again and again, but most importantly with West Covina. With catchy songs from “the sexy getting ready song”, “let’s have intercourse” and the famous “period sex” – you will be singing these songs constantly, they are just too catchy!  

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6. For people who love superhero shows – Marvel’s The Punisher  

26 episodes and so much tense viewing later, sadly Marvel’s The Punisher has come to an end, breaking my heart and hearts all over the world! Frank Castle appeared as the vigilante avenging his family’s death in Marvel’s Daredevil, due to his popularity he got his own show. It focuses on Frank coming to terms with his family’s death and getting revenge for them, by hunting down all of the people who contributed to their deaths and cover-ups. Expect so much violence, blood and incredible fight scenes and watch the Punisher face his nemesis Jigsaw!  

7. For people who love horror movies – Scream  

24 episodes and counting, Scream is coming back to our screams this year! The show follows the classic 90’s slasher film it is based on Scream, and lives up to its name. The film revolves around a group of friends being killed one by one by a masked murderer, try to figure out who the killer is before it’s too late. The show will keep you guessing until the very end, but not for the faint-hearted, it is very gory! Be prepared to see lots of guts and graphic death scenes – like Game of Thrones, basically. 


If you have any TV shows that you think would make better Game of Thrones replacements, include them below. Or if you watched any of the shows in the list, and loved or hated them let us know!  

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