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Turn Your House Into A Home In 5 Easy Steps

Turn Your House Into A Home In 5 Easy Steps

Turning your house into a home can be a difficult task when you're in an unfamiliar space. Luckily, these top tips will make cosy-ing up your space simple!

It can be overwhelming moving into a big empty new space, like starting a painting on a blank canvas, you can often worry about messing up or simply not knowing where to start. Turning your new house into a home often feels like an impossible task, the space may feel super impersonal at first but rest assured, follow these simple tips and your new place feel cosy and homely before you know it.

1. Pinpoint your personal style

Yeah, sleek black wood looks cool and stylish, but is it really you? When it comes to decorating your home don’t focus too much on ‘trends’ or the style that you saw in your favourite home magazine, style your space to your taste and in a way that reflects your personal style: you’ll automatically feel more comfortable surrounded by things that excite you and feel special to you. This can be difficult if you’re sharing a new home with a friend or partner, in this instance compromise is key, try and find a way to make your styles compatible and make sure you agree on things before going ahead and doing your own thing. Besides, you decided to live together for a reason, you must have some things in common!


2. Cosy it up

A home is somewhere you want to come back to and be comfortable at the end of the day, this means that making your space as warm and inviting will help you to turn your house into a home super easily. Think soft furnishings: cushions, blankets; ambient lighting: candles, dim lamps; and soft scents: defusers and fresh flowers. These things can be found pretty inexpensively and make such a difference to the feel of a home: soft and warm just scream inviting and will make you love spending time in your new place.

3. Prioritise your favourite pass times

Your home won’t feel like your home unless you can do your favourite things in it, make sure you prioritise the things you love to do. Love baking? Make sure your kitchen is stocked will all the things you need. Guitar enthusiast? Make sure you get a guitar in there ASAP. Turning your house into your home will only be successful if you make it a place where you can spend time doing your favourite things to unwind.

4. Have people over

Hosting is a great way to introduce your friends and family to your new space: this will help turn your house into a home because¬†they¬†will see it as your home. Taking the time to prepare your new home for guests will also help you get comfortable and familiar with your space and having familiar faces around will only aid the process. Don’t feel pressured with this one, it doesn’t have to be a full dinner party with everyone you know, just get a couple of your closest friends round for a few drinks or a board game night. Simple and fun!

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5. Personalise

Little DIY touches around your new home is a great way to make it your own. Whether it’s just changing some doorknobs to more interesting ones or creating your own art piece to display on your wall. Not only is this a much cheaper way to jazz up aspects of your place and decorate your home, but it certainly adds a more personal feel to help turn your house into a home.


Bear in mind that settling into your new home takes time and the key to settling yourself in is to just spend time adjusting and getting everything as you like it. Feeling at home in your new place is a personal thing, don’t feel rushed and make sure you do it your way! I’d love to hear any of your suggestions or tried and tested ways to turn your house into a home.

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